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SaltAire Pre-Mixed Nasal Wash in 14-oz Dispensing Bottle

SaltAire Pre-Mixed Nasal Wash in 14-oz Dispensing Bottle

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SaltAire® Pre-Mixed Nasal Wash is a refreshing drug-free sinus solution that cleans and moisturizes nasal passages, easing the symptoms of allergies and sinus-related problems. Comes ready to use in a 14-oz accordion pump bottle.

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This product provides relief from: Sinus Trouble

SaltAire® Saline Nasal Wash by Rhinaris is a pre-mixed, drug-free, hypertonic saline irrigation solution that helps clear blocked nasal passages, and relieve the symptoms of sinusitis and allergies. This doctor-developed sinus wash gently rinses away dust, mold, pollens, and other allergens and pollutants. The patented, award-winning dispensing bottle is manually operated to make nasal irrigation easy and pleasant. Comes ready to use in a 14-oz dispensing bottle. 28-oz refill available separately.


  • Ready-to-use nasal wash requires no mixing, measuring or packets to open
  • Drug-free, hypertonic saline solution gently cleanses sinuses and nasal passages
  • Washes away pollens, dust, mold, and other irritants that cause congestion and discomfort
  • Award-winning dispensing bottle allows user to control flow and pressure
  • pH balanced and odor free
  • No-spill cap


Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Phosphate, Benzethonium Chloride, Trisodium EDTA.

Directions for Use:

Please follow the directions provided with the product.


  • SaltAire's pre-mixed formulation is ready to use with no mixing required.
  • The 14-oz dispensing bottle needs some simple assembly of the dispensing cap and tube that come with the sealed bottle.
  • Once assembled, SaltAire may be used to irrigate and cleanse your nasal cavities.
  • The 28-oz size (sold separately) can be used to refill the SaltAire 14-oz dispensing bottle. It can also be used to refill other types of nasal irrigation devices, including nasal sprayers, nasal wash bottles, neti pots, bulb syringes, or Waterpik® appliances with a nasal irrigator tip.
  • SaltAire can be used by children 8 years of age or older, with adult supervision.
  1. I highly recommend the product to anyone with sinus issues. Review by Gerald

    My ENT recommended this product to me years ago. I suffer from frequent sinus infections, allergies, and vasomotor rhinitis. This product has reduced the frequency of my sinus infections and reduced the symptoms of my allergies and vasomotor rhinitis. I highly recommend the product to anyone with sinus issues. (Posted on 6/27/12)

  2. It's great during allergy season. Review by Susan

    I actually am a patient of the ENT who invented Saltaire and the bottle it comes in. I have been using it since he started marketing it and that has to be over 10 years. I suffer from chronic sinusitis and the Saltaire has cut down substantially on the number of infections I get each year. It's great during allergy season as well to keep the pollen out of your nose. Here's a tip: use it in the shower so you don't feel like you will get the liquid all over your clothes. Also, you do need to get new squeeze bottles occasionally. I buy the refills 8 at a time. Used to be at the local drug store, but Nationally Allergy makes it easier because it's shipped right to my door. (Posted on 7/6/11)

  3. It is very good product. Review by Michael

    I've been using this for about 6 years. I suffer from chronic sinus issues and allergies and this really helps. After a while (1-2+ years), the plastic plunger starts to leak but nevertheless, it is very good product. (Posted on 11/19/10)

  4. This is a great product for allergy & sinus sufferers. Review by Patricia

    This is a great product for allergy & sinus sufferers. Mine are year round and this Saltaire is fantastic. I originally bought it from NY University before it was sold in drug stores. It has cut my sinus infections down to two a year compared to every two months before using this product. It takes a little getting used to, but try it, you will be pleased and breathing much better.

    Smart to buy the one pump with the 28 oz.refill, cheaper...
    Suffering much less.... (Posted on 4/14/10)

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