Katie's Story

How We Got Our Start

"I started this company...sort of."

Ryner & Evelyn Wittgens with daughter Katie

When I was nine years old, I was diagnosed with six different airborne allergies. That's what got my parents, Ryner & Evelyn Wittgens, involved in trying to find different products that could help me feel better. It wasn't easy because the products my allergist asked them to get weren't available locally - if at all. Eventually, they located all the products... and they really worked! I improved wonderfully, just as the allergist had predicted. My dad was so thrilled and had learned so much that he decided to start a company so that these products would be available nationwide - at discount prices. It would also give physicians a reliable place to refer their patients with problems similar to mine. Well that was over 20 years ago, and the company is still doing what my dad set out to do. We've become one of the largest companies of our kind and dad is enjoying his retirement. But what really matters most is that we're helping more and more people find affordable, non-drug ways to feel better.


Katie Weaver (formerly Wittgens)