Nasopure Nasal Wash System by Dr. Hana

Dr. Hana's Nasopure Nasal Wash System manages and relieves symptoms associated with allergies, cold, flu, sinusitis, and rhinitis easily and comfortably for adults and children. Studies show that effective nasal irrigation helps to relieve these symptoms so you can feel better! Nasopure Nasal Wash kits are available for adults and children. Convenient refill buffered salt packets kit sold separately.
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This product provides relief from: Sinus Trouble

Dr. Hana's Nasopure Nasal Wash System helps to manage and relieve symptoms associated with allergies, cold, flu, sinusitis, and rhinitis easily and comfortably for adults and children! Studies show that the health benefits to regular nasal irrigation for children and adults can be numerous and as long as you keep that nose consistently clean, their allergies, infections and discomfort will be minimal. Unlike other nasal sprays or the neti pot, nasal irrigation for you and your family is as comfortable as it is effective with the Nasopure Nasal Wash System. Hana R. Solomon, M.D., aka 'Dr Hana' is the founder of BeWell Health, LLC and inventor of Nasopure - The Most Comfortable Nose Wash In The World. A graduate from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine and 20 years of practicing pediatrics at the Solomon Family Medical Clinic in Missouri. Dr Hanna's mission centers around educating the public regarding nasal health, prevention, and complementary treatment options. Check out the book "Clearing The Air One Nose At A Time" for helpful information from ailments related to the nose, taking care of your nose, and teaching our children to use nasal washes. Take a peek at Chapter 1 for free! For a limited time when you buy Dr Hana's book you will receive a Free Nasopure sample nasal wash kit.

Included in the adult and child Nasopure kits are the Nasopure Nasal Wash, a patented irrigation bottle that employs a pair of one-way air and liquid valves to prevent back flow and allow the bottle to empty completely into your nasal passages. Also included are Nasopure Mix Packets for making nasal rinse solution with sterile water. The magic is in the mix! Nasopure pH balanced and ideally buffered salt mix reduces the burning and irritation commonly felt with other salt mixes. No additives, preservatives, or fragrances.

What comes in the Nasopure box?

  • One (1) Nasopure ergonomic design BPA Free bottle. Adult kit contains a 8 oz. bottle, and child kit contains a 4 oz. bottle.
  • Nasopure buffered salt formula individual packets. Adult and child kits contain 20 packets.
  • Complete instructions on how to use Nasopure.

Additional Nasopure saline packets sold separately. Please see our Technical tab for the best water type to use with the Nasopure Nasal Wash system.


Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate - that's it!

What type of water is best for use? 

  • Boil: Use water that has been previously boiled for 1 minute and left to cool. At elevations above 6,500 feet, boil for 3 minutes, then cool. 
  • Filter: Use a filter designed to remove some water-loving germs. The label may read "NSF 53" or "NSF 58". Filter labels that read "absolute pore size of 1 micron or smaller" are also effective. Check out our Water Purification systems on our website!
  • Buy: Use water with a label specifying that it contains distilled or sterile water.

Directions for Use:

Please click on the instruction link below for complete Use & Care Instructions for Nasopure Nasal Wash.

Click here to view Use & Care Instructions, illustrations, and frequently asked questions.


  • Before initial use and after each use, with clean hands, wash the Nasopure bottle and cap. BeWell Health recommends replacing bottle and cap every 3-6 months.
  • Add Nasopure salt packet to bottle (see Solution Guide) and fill bottle with purified, distilled, or previously boiled water that is cooled to room temperature (see Water Recommendations).
  • Always wash hands before using your Nasopure nasal wash system. Most people prefer washing while in the shower or standing over a sink. See Use & Care Instructions link on how to correctly use the Nasopure Nasal Wash system and illustrations.
  • Recommended use:

  • Once daily - daily cleaning and exposure to irritants.
  • Twice daily - mild to moderate congestion and symptoms.
  • Three to four times daily - moderate to severe congestion and symptoms.
  • Safe for children over 2 years old, unless otherwise directed by a physician.