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  • Kim's Story

    In this customer's interview, Kim discusses the difference creating an allergy "safe zone" has made to her quality of life. Like we commonly recommend, her efforts began in the bedroom and she explains how this same concept can be used in other areas where you spend considerable time like your car or office.

  • Katie's Story

    Katie Weaver is the founder's daughter, a former employee, and the reason National Allergy was formed in 1988. She discusses National Allergy's founding principles and the difference using our products has made and continues to make in her life.

  • Dr. Donald Gilner

    Dr. Donald Gilner has been referring his patients to us for many years. In this video he discusses the importance of allergen avoidance as a valid means of symptom relief. He identifies common household allergens and recommends ways to control them in your home environment.

  • Michelle's Story

    Michelle is a mother of four young children, three of whom have allergies and/or asthma. Through the use of our products, she explains the success she has had controlling their symptoms and their asthma triggers, even to the point of reducing medications.