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PARI Vortex Non-Electrostatic Valved Holding Chamber

PARI Vortex Non-Electrostatic Valved Holding Chamber

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PARI Vortex Non-Electrostatic Valved Holding Chamber is made of metal, so there is no static charge to interfere with your medication. The Vortex also has a special cyclonic flow pattern to help patients with low lung capacity inhale more medication.

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Works with Models:  PARI Vortex® Adult Mask - Part # 044F7247. PARI Vortex® SmartTouch™ Pediatric Masks - Part #s 044F5110 and 044F5210.

This product provides relief from: Asthma

If your lungs could speak, they’d ask for a PARI Vortex® Valved Holding Chamber. When you have asthma and are having trouble breathing, getting your medication into your lungs quickly and efficiently means everything. If you use an MDI spacer, you’ll want to switch to the PARI Vortex. No other spacer or holding chamber delivers as much medication, as effectively as does the PARI Vortex. An added bonus is the easy-to-use design that minimizes the techniques and coordination required for effective inhaler treatments. All this, and an affordable price make the PARI Vortex the smart choice in holding chambers. Box contains one (1) PARI Vortex® Non-Electrostatic Valved Holding Chamber.

Why PARI Vortex® ?

  • Other holding chambers are made of plastic and contain a permanent electrostatic charge, which attracts and holds small particles inside the chamber instead of releasing them into your lungs.

  • In contrast, the Pari Vortex Holding Chamber is made of lightweight metal, so there is no static charge to interfere with your medication. In fact, PARI Vortex delivers 56% more respirable particles when compared to traditional plastic holding chambers and spacers.

  • Additionally, new ozone-safe HFA propellants have a higher static charge than previous CFC propellants, making it more important than ever to use a non-electrostatic chamber like the PARI Vortex for efficient, consistent treatment.

  • The PARI Vortex also has a special cyclonic flow pattern to help patients with low tidal volume inhale more medication.


  • Non-Electrostatic metal chamber eliminates static charge for better and more complete delivery of medication
  • Duckbill valve in mouthpiece opens and closes with minimal inspiratory effort
  • Compatible with new HFA-propelled MDI formulations
  • Child friendly and easy to use for all ages
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Latex Free
  • Can be used with the holding chamber's integral mouthpiece or with the following masks:
    • PARI Vortex® Adult Mask - Part # 044F7247
    • PARI Vortex® SmartTouch™ Pediatric Masks - Part #s 044F5110 and 044F5210

Directions for Use:

Please see the Owner's Manual tab for full instructions on the PARI Vortex® Non-Electrostatic Holding Chamber, and also on the PARI Vortex® Masks.


  • Close supervision is necessary when this product is used by children or those with special needs.

  • Contains small parts that may present a choking hazard. ALWAYS keep out of reach of children ages 3 or less.

  • ALWAYS clean and dry all parts of the PARI Vortex® holding chamber after each use according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Reimbursement Information:

Below, for your convenience, please find PARI Part #s, Descriptions, NDC and HCPCS Code(s). For information about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, please visit For information about reimbursement from private health plans, please contact your health insurer or plan administrator.

Part # Description NDC HCPCS Code(s)
051F5000 Vortex® Non-Electrostatic Holding Chamber 83490-0510-01 A4627

Please click below to view the Owner's Manual for the:

The PARI Vortex Holding Chamber may be used as is with its integral built-in mouthpiece or alternatively with a PARI Vortex® Adult or Pediatric Mask. Please click on a link below for an Owner's Manual associated with each of these Vortex masks, including instructions on how to attach the mask to the holding chamber.


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I got this for free I think, it was a long time ago, but anyway, I wanted to mention - it is a good spacer and I like that I can take the plug out of the wide end and put the inhaler inside. The trouble I had was that the plug kept falling out - which can easily be worked around. My biggest trouble was the size....just too big for me to carry around when smaller options are available.
Great invention. Wish I would have had it years ago.

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