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AeroChamber Plus Z Stat Anti-Static VHC with Medium Pediatric Mask

AeroChamber Plus Z Stat Anti-Static VHC with Medium Pediatric Mask

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AeroChamber Plus® Z Stat® Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber (AVHC) with Medium Pediatric Mask works with a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) to maximize delivery of medication to lungs, with minimal waste or deposits on child's throat and tongue. Holds any remaining small particles not inhaled the first time, so children with low PEFs can take more than one breath per puff of medicine administered. Built-in ComfortSeal® mask sized for smaller children.

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This product provides relief from: Asthma

AeroChamber Plus® Z Stat® Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber (AVHC) with Medium Pediatric Mask for smaller children, has earned wide acclaim by patients, caregivers and the medical community at large as one of the most widely accepted spacers on the market today. Used in conjunction with a pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI or just MDI), the AeroChamber Z Stat AVHC is an aerosol delivery device designed to make respiratory medications even more effective. Using just an MDI inhaler alone means more medication collects in the mouth and throat, which not only brings the potential for discomforting side effects, but also means less medicine reaches the lungs.

In contrast, the AeroChamber Z Stat AVHC maximizes delivery of medication to the lungs by separating small medication particles from large. As the patient inhales, the smaller particles float out of the chamber's one-way valve into the respiratory tract where they easily reach areas of the lungs that need it most. The Z Stat chamber holds any remaining small particles not inhaled the first time, which allows the patient to take more than one breath per puff of medicine administered. This is especially helpful for children or others who cannot achieve a high peak expiratory flow (PEF), and assures the maximum amount of prescribed medicine gets to the lungs for optimum benefit. This model comes with a built-in ComfortSeal® mask, which makes it easier for children to take their treatments. Suitable for smaller children.  Box contains one (1) AeroChamber Plus® Z Stat® Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber with Medium Pediatric Mask.

The AeroChamber Z Stat AVHC also comes in an adult-size model with Mouthpiece (no mask). This choice is ideal for those familiar with or who can learn the techniques and coordination skills required for effective inhaler treatments using a mouthpiece. Learning is easy with a built-in whistle that sounds an alert if you inhale too quickly. (Sold separately.)

Why AeroChamber Plus® Z Stat®?

  • Anti-Static Chamber:

    • Unlike static-prone chambers, where static-charged aerosol particles attach to the chamber walls, the Z Stat's anti-static chamber minimizes static charge, increasing aerosol suspension time within the chamber and making more medication available.

    • The clear polymer chamber allows you (or a provider) to see the medication from the MDI inhaler enter the chamber. A provider can also watch the chamber's valve open and close to ensure proper breathing technique is being followed.

  • Flow Dynamic Valve and Baffle System:

    • Ensures only the right-sized particles exit the chamber through inhalation
    • Is low resistance, opening easily to allow patient to inhale without difficulty
    • Is a one-way valve that:
      • Allows patient to inhale smaller medication particles for targeted and fast delivery to the lungs.
      • Prevents patient from exhaling into the chamber, which leaves any remaining medication in the chamber available for the patient's next breath.

  • Reinforced Universal pMDI Adapter – Fits most commonly prescribed pMDIs, with easy insertion and removal.

  • ComfortSeal® Mask:

    • Makes it easier for children to take their treatments
    • Fits snugly, yet comfortably on child's face
    • Less technique dependent than a mouthpiece
    • Secure seal maximizes drug delivery and reduces leakage
    • Exhalation valve:
      • low resistance, for easy, unrestrained breathing
      • directs exhaled medication away from face and eyes
    • Made of soft, flexible silicone
    • Latex free

  • FLOWSIGnal® Whistle:

    • After MDI has been depressed, sounds a whistle to alert if you're inhaling too fast.
    • Helps to promote proper breathing technique.

  • Extensively Tested with Medications:

    • In addition to being tested in vitro with all commonly prescribed pMDI medications for respiratory therapy, the AeroChamber Z Stat AVHC has also been extensively tested in vivo with Floventi, Alvesco, QVAR, Serevent, and Albuterol.

  • Recommended by Doctors and Leading Metered Dose Inhaler companies

  • Consumer Friendly:

    • Attractive design
    • BPA and Latex free
    • Easy-to-read instructions
    • Simple to use and maintain
    • Dishwasher-safe components
    • Designed to last for approximately 1 year
    • Suitable for smaller children

  • Made in USA:

    • Manufactured in the US (using US and Canadian components) by Monaghan Medical Corporation, a company with 25 years of combined experience in aerosol drug delivery devices and asthma management products, including holding chambers.

Click here for a Clinical Summary of using a Mask with a Valved Holding Chamber (VHC), including an AeroChamber VHC.

Directions for Use:

Please see the Owner's Manual tab for instructions on using and cleaning the AeroChamber Plus® Z Stat® AVHC∗ with Medium Mask. Please remember to carefully read all instructions that come packaged with the product, as well as any instructions that come with your Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI).

∗ AVHC = Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber


  • This device can be used right out of the box.
  • This device has no moving parts (with the exception of the 1-way valve, which moves through inhalation).

General on Cleaning:

  • Clean the device weekly, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • When disassembling, remove the backpiece only. Do not attempt to remove the mask or tamper with valve or disassemble the product beyond what is recommended, as damage may result.
  • Do not run water through the holding chamber at high pressure, as this can damage the valve.
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only).

Reimbursement Information:

Below, for your convenience, please find the Monaghan Part #, Description and HCPCS Code for this item. For information about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, please visit For information about reimbursement from private health plans, please contact your health insurer or plan administrator.

Part # Description HCPCS Code
78710 AeroChamber Plus Z Stat Valved Holding Chamber with Medium Mask
(spacer, with mask, for use with metered dose inhaler)

Click here to view the Instructions for Use plus Cleaning Instructions for the AeroChamber Plus® Z Stat® AVHC∗ with Medium Mask.

If you are purchasing this device for pediatric use, please click below for abbreviated instructions with kid-friendly images that you can use to help educate your child on how to use and care for this device. Also below are tips you can use to help gain your child's confidence and cooperation in using a valved holding chamber with mask.

∗ AVHC = Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber


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