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3M Lint Roller Refill

3M Lint Roller Refill

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Lint Roller Refill by 3M replaces the roller cartridge that comes in the 3M Flat Surface Lint Roller. 56 Sheets.

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Works with Models:  3M Flat Surface Lint Roller

This product provides relief from: Dust Allergies

3M™ Lint Roller Refill to replace the roller cartridge that comes in the 3M Flat Surface Lint Roller. Quickly removes pet hair, lint, fuzz, and allergens that cling to clothes, upholstered furniture, beds, draperies, and other fabric items. The only lint roller with Scotch™ brand adhesive, the 3M Lint Roller is perfect for keeping in an end table to quickly remove pet hair from sofas, chairs and throw pillows without damaging fabric. Or leave one in your nightstand for use on blankets, comforters and other bedding that attracts lint and pet hair. Also great on pet beds and fabric-covered car seats. Durable plastic handle has a comfortable grip.  3M™ Flat Surface Lint Roller comes with roll of 56 adhesive tear-off sheets (4 x 7 in. each).


  • Removes pet hair, lint and fuzz from clothing and fabric-covered items
  • Scotch™ brand adhesive for quality you can trust
  • Loads of uses around any household or at work
  • 56 adhesive sheets (4x7" each) tear evenly
  • Ergonomic handle

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