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AllerTech® Mite Control Laundry Additive

AllerTech® Mite Control Laundry Additive


AllerTech® Mite Control Laundry Additive uses an innovative break-through formula to control allergens in your bedding and washable clothing in all water temperatures!

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This product provides relief from: Dust Allergies, Dust Mites, Fragrances & Odors, Pet Dander

Now, there's a great way to continue using your favorite laundry detergent and control allergens in all water temperatures- hot, warm or cold! AllerTech®, a well known brand recognized by physicians for more than forty years, offers our AllerTech® Laundry Additive to control allergens and dust mite waste in bedding, clothing and fabrics, which are one of the major causes of asthma and allergy symptoms. AllerTech® Laundry Additive provides an effective way to reduce your exposure to them and help eliminate the problem. Safe to use, non-toxic. Measuring cup included.

For Use In Standard & High Efficiency (HE) Washers.


  • Concentrated laundry additive eliminates allergens in any wash temperature
  • Use with your favorite laundry detergent
  • Only 3/4 oz (1-1/2 tablespoons) in each wash load works to control dust mite waste and allergens
  • Non toxic, and safe for all washables
  • Treats:
    • 8-oz bottle ‒ 11-12 regular wash loads & 20-24 regular loads for HE (high efficiency) front loaders, add directly to laundry detergent compartment.
    • 16-oz bottle ‒ 20-24 regular loads for standard washer & 40-48 regular loads for HE (high efficiency) front loaders, add directly to laundry detergent compartment.


Contains benzyl alcohol, tea tree oil and methyl salicylate.

Click here to see the MSDS for AllerTech® Mite Control Laundry Additive.

Directions for Use:

  • Sort laundry according to color and label requirements.
  • Select load size, wash cycle, and water temperature.
  • For high efficiency (HE) front loaders ‐ add 3/4 tablespoon, or half the amount used for a regular top load washer of AllerTech® Laundry Additive directly to your laundry detergent compartment.
  • For regular top load washers ‐ add 3/4 oz (1-1/2 tablespoons) of AllerTech® Laundry Additive to washer as the washer fills with water.
  • Wash load as directed by washer instructions.
  • Great

    Rated 4.35 out of 5 based on 22 reviews.

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    February 27
    I love this product ... use it all the time .... I use the 8 oz bottle for travel ....
    February 27
    OMG this is the best product ever ... no more sneezing or wheezing when I ruffle and change the sheets.
    February 18
    Use this every time we wash sheets. Noticed ad difference right away. Both my husband & I used to start sneezing as soon as we would go to bed, from the first time we used we haven't had so much as a sniffle.
    November 28
    There is no smell to this product and I love it. I was worried it might have an odor but it doesn't so my laundry smells like detergent. I've only started using it and have not noticed any health benefits yet.
    October 4
    We love this works and it does not stink...fantastic!
    August 18
    So far, this has been an excellent product. Does not add any scent to the laundry, so it does not compete with the normal scent of the detergent. Good to know I'm doing something to help my allergic husband.
    July 16
    It probably works fine, but the smell is so so horrible. It made me sick to my stomach and triggered a migraine. So I washed the same load again to wash out the additive. I couldn't take it.
    June 3
    A great product to keep those little bugs from hurting you.
    March 5
    My concern isn't for the effectiveness of the product; but, rather for the amount of suds in my HE washer. Using the product according to label instructions, in conjunction with the AllerTech All-Temp Laundry Detergent, leaves so many suds that I have to run the washer through FOUR rinse cycles. Since the description of the product says it can be used in HE washers, I'm distressed.
    March 2
    Very light scent but not offensive. I have only started to use it but trust it will perform as advertised. Will continue to use on bedding, pajamas and even underwear.
    February 27
    It works, even though it makes things smell odd.
    February 13
    Smells bad and very expensive. Unclear whether it actually helps my allergies.
    November 4
    Helps with my asthma, especially in the winter months
    October 1
    Effective and easy to use miticide. Should also control other pests.
    September 26
    Haven't used the new order yet and was satisfied with prior product.
    September 16
    I used the other de-mite product for many years on my bedding. I like this one better because the smell isn't as strong.
    This additive, though not as thick as the pricier version you sell, still works well and is easier on the pocketbook.
    Use this in every time I wash bedding. Works well.
    Have used this product for a long time with many reorders. My dist mite problem as almost been gone in my house.
    I'm glad I found something that works! My allergies have greatly improved since I started using this laundry additive. It really does make a difference!
    This laundry additive works extremely well in eliminating dust mites and other allergens from my bedding. I also use it for my pajamas and undergarments. I think that it makes the laundry feel cleaner, too. Love the stuff!!
    My eye allergy has cleared up since using this product. My ophthalmologist told me it was my pillows and pillow cases. You don't have to use it every time and you only need a little. I will keep using this product for all my sheets and bedding.

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