Genuine DirtTamer & DustTamer Replacement H-100 HEPA Filter

Genuine DirtTamer and DustTamer Replacement H-100 HEPA Filter by FilterStream® fits all DirtTamer cordless handheld vacs and DustTamer cordless vacuum powered dusters. Filter lasts for up to 12 months, with normal use.  One (1) filter per package.
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Works with Models:
DirtTamer V2100, DirtTamer V2210, DirtTamer Supreme V2400, and DirtTamer Ultima V2510.  Also fits DustTamer Deluxe D4200 and DustTamer D4500.

Genuine FilterStream® DirtTamer and DustTamer Replacement H-100 HEPA Filter, fits all DirtTamer cordless handheld wet/dry vacs and DustTamer cordless vacuum‐powered dusters. Certified True HEPA pleated filter captures 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns, and is recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers. The H‐100 HEPA filter traps and holds dust, dust mite allergen, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, and other particles as you clean, assuring these irritants do not get released back into the air to trigger allergies. Replace filter every 6‐12 months to keep your vacuum running at its best.  Package contains one (1) H-100 HEPA filter.


  • Genuine FilterStream® H-100 HEPA filter keeps air allergen free as you clean
  • Doctors recommend True HEPA filtration for reducing allergens in the home
  • 99.97% efficient at trapping airborne particles down to 0.3 micron
  • Replace HEPA filter every 6‐12 months, depending on use
  • Fits all DirtTamer and DustTamer models, including:
    • DirtTamer™ V2100
    • DirtTamer Deluxe™ V2210
    • DirtTamer Supreme V2400
    • DirtTamer Ultima® V2510
    • DustTamer Deluxe® D4200
    • DustTamer Ultra® D4500


  • Please see Owner's Manual tab for instructions on operating, charging and caring for your DirtTamer Supreme V2400 Cordless Handheld Wet/Dry Vac, including full instructions on the HEPA and other filters.

Cleaning the HEPA Filter

  • Changing the HEPA filter periodically keeps the DirtTamer performing at its best.

  • The HEPA filter should be replaced every 6‐12 months, depending on use (or sooner if it becomes damaged).

  • Between filter changes, if you notice any buildup of dirt, dust or hair on the filter, you can shake it loose, or with your finger gently brush the paper surface of the filter.

  • Use of the HEPA filter to pick up wet spills is not recommended because anything wet will damage the filter. If the HEPA filter has some limited exposure to wetness, let it completely dry, then inspect for damage, and replace if necessary.

  • Note:  Do NOT wash or rinse the HEPA Filter, as this may damage the HEPA material. If the HEPA filter accidentally gets wet, pat it dry with a paper towel, and allow it to thoroughly air dry before next use.

Please click on a link below to view the Owner's Manual for the FilterStream® DirtTamer or DustTamer that uses (or optionally can use) a FilterStream® True HEPA Filter # H‐100.