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Zadro Nano-UV Portable Disinfection Light Scanner

Zadro Nano-UV Portable Disinfection Light Scanner

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The Nano-UV™ Portable Disinfecting Light Scanner (NANO01) is only about the size of a flip cellphone, but uses broad spectrum UV light to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and germs on faucets, handles, doorknobs, telephones, toilet seats, keyboards, and just about any surface, in just 10 seconds.

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This product provides relief from: Bacteria & Germs

Nano-UV™ Portable Disinfecting Light Scanner by Zadro™ ‐ Model # NANO01, puts a powerful cellphone-sized UV device in the palm of your hand to wage war in the fight against the germs, bacteria, viruses, molds, and allergens that are poised to assail us wherever we turn. Using the most powerful UV technology on the market today, the Nano-UV™ Portable Scanner provides hospital-quality disinfection at home, on the road, at school, or at work, killing 99.9% of targeted bacteria, viruses, and germs in just 10 seconds. Many bacteria and viruses can live on untreated surfaces for up to 72 hours, putting those who come into contact with them at risk of contamination. The Nano-UV™ Portable Scanner helps to reduce that risk. Nano-UV™ sanitizers have been tested and certified by many leading independent laboratories as 99.9% effective in destroying dangerous bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella sp., Streptococcus, and Staphylococcus aureus, plus viruses, like those that cause the common cold or flu, or even more serious H1N1 (swine) and H5N1 (bird) flu viruses. Nano-UV™ is also effective at destroying mold spores, dust mites, and even bed bugs.

Nano-UV™ uses broad-spectrum UV-A, UV-B and UV-C (wavelengths of 185-365nm) to powerfully destroy a wider range of harmful microorganisms than ordinary UV sanitizers. The Nano-UV™ Portable Scanner folds out to expose a UV sanitization zone that easily and quickly disinfects targeted surfaces. Simple to use, just insert 2 AAA alkaline batteries, open the unit, press the power switch to turn "on", and Nano-UV will sanitize for 10 seconds, then automatically turn off. Nano-UV features child safety locks, and automatically shuts off when folded closed. When battery voltage is low, the unit's red LED will not come on. Long-lasting UV bulb is rated to last for over 4000 hours.  90-Day Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

Application Areas:

  • Home – butcher blocks, countertops, doorknobs, sinks, toilets, kitty litter boxes, pet beds, pillows, mattresses, bedding
  • Infants – bottles, pacifiers, teething rings, toys, cribs, changing tables
  • Restaurants – utensils, tables, tableware, high chairs, doorknobs, kitchens, bathrooms, food handling areas
  • Hotels – pillows, bedding, mattresses, bathrooms, doorknobs, furniture, remote controls
  • Airplanes – seats, headrests, armrests, tray tables, headsets, waiting areas
  • Offices – telephones, cell phones, tablets, keyboards, office equipment, furniture
  • Gyms – exercise equipment, bathroom fixtures, locker room areas
  • Public Restrooms – toilets, sinks, door latches and knobs, changing tables, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers


  • Multi-wavelength UV-A, UV-B and UV-C portable scanner works in just 10 seconds to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria
  • Disinfects toilets, doorknobs, electronics, toothbrushes, bathroom fixtures, all those things you don't want to touch
  • Laboratory proven to destroy 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Even works at eradicating mold spores, dust mites and bed bugs
  • Cleans and sanitizes without harsh chemical cleaners
  • Opening the device activates the batteries:
    • Red LED illuminates if battery voltage sufficient
    • If battery voltage low, red LED will not light
  • Power "on" switch turns UV light on
  • Built-in timer automatically turns off UV light in 10 seconds
  • Closing the device also turns off UV bulb
  • Child safety locks – must push 2 sliders to open unit
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Long-life UV bulb – rated for over 4000 hours
  • Easy to use
  • Size:  3.75"L x 1.75"W x 1"D
  • Weight:  3.4 ozs
  • 90-Day Warranty

Click here to view the results of tests that determined the occurrence of a 99.9% reduction in Staphylococcus aureus, MS2. E. coli, and Salmonella sp. in less than 10 seconds on the surface tested using Nano-UV™ Wands.

Specifications for Nano-UV™ Portable Disinfection Light Scanner by Zadro™

• UV Wavelength: Multi-Wavelength (185nm to approx. 365nm),
including UV-A, UV-B and UV-C
• Disinfection Power: 99.9%
• Disinfection Time: 10 seconds
• Dimensions: 3-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 1"
• Weight (including batteries): 3.4 ozs  (95g)
• Power Source: 2 AAA batteries  (not included)
• Power: 1.3 W
• Operation Temperature: 60°F to approx. 110°F  (16°C to approx. 44°C)
• Storage Temperature: 20°F to approx. 120°F  (-6.7°C to approx. 49°C)

Directions for Use:

Please see the Owner's Manual tab for full instructions on the Nano-UV™ Portable Disinfection Light Scanner. Please read all instructions and warnings that come with the product before using this device.

Nano-UV™ Light:

  • Please read and follow all of the manufacturer's warnings and instructions provided with the product regarding the UV bulb.

  • The long-life 4000-hour UV bulb is non-replaceable. If the bulb does not light:
    • It could possibly be low or spent batteries. Try pressing the power button until the bulb lights. If it does not light, replace the batteries.
    • After prolonged storage, the capacitor will discharge. If that occurs, simply press the power button until the bulb lights up. You can then resume normal operation.
    • Do not attempt to replace the bulb or disassemble the scanner, or open, expose, modify or touch internal circuitry, as this could lead to electrical shock.
  • When the time come to discard the Nano-UV™ Portable Scanner, please follow the recommended disposal procedure in your locality for a used fluorescent bulb.

    • Keep the Nano-UV™ Portable Scanner out of reach of children – it is NOT a toy.
    • Ultraviolet UV light can be harmful to the skin and eyes. Do NOT look directly into the UV light.
    • Do NOT use the Nano-UV™ Portable Scanner on any part of your body.
    • Do NOT point the UV light upwards, as this could result in direct exposure that is harmful to the skin and eyes.
    • Do NOT touch the UV lamp. If the area covering the UV lamp gets dirty, wipe it VERY GENTLY with a soft, dry cloth.
    • Do NOT immerse the Nano-UV™ Portable Scanner in water. Such exposure may damage the unit and lead to fire, electrical shock, or injury.

Click here to view the Owner's Manual for the Nano-UV™ Portable Disinfection Light Scanner by Zadro™.

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