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PARI  Replacement Air Filter for Vios PRO, SinuStar & ProNeb Ultra

PARI Replacement Air Filter for Vios PRO, SinuStar & ProNeb Ultra

SKU: 55-8512

Genuine PARI Replacement Air Filter #085F0012 – Hard White Cylinder Filter comes with a disposable Filter Removal Tool (tool color may vary) for the PARI Vios PRO and SinuStar aerosol delivery systems, plus the older PRONEB Ultra compressor nebulizer systems.  Lasts for up to 6 months.

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Works with Models:   PARI Vios® PRO Models: 312F35-LCS and 312F83-LC+. PARI SinuStar™ Model: 085F77-LCS. PARI PRONEB® Ultra Models: 85F81-LCD, 85F83-LC+, and 85F83-P.

This product provides relief from: Asthma

Genuine PARI Replacement Air Filter - Part # 085F0012, to replace the air filter that comes in selected PARI Vios® PRO, SinuStar™, and PRONEB® Ultra aerosol delivery systems (models listed below). The air filter keeps dust and dirt out of the compressor to keep the unit performing at its best. Hard cylinder-type filter comes in bright white color. Filter changes are easy with the included tool. Change air filter every 6 months, or when the filter turns grey or gets wet or clogged.  Package contains one (1) PARI Air Filter (white) and one (1) Filter Removal Tool (black).


  • Air filter keeps your PARI compressor functioning well and performing reliably
  • Hard cylinder-type filter traps dust and particles that might otherwise get inside the compressor
  • Easy to install and remove with included tool (tool color may vary)
  • Replace filter every 6 months
  • Fits PARI Aerosol Delivery and Compressor Nebulizer Systems:
    • PARI Vios® PRO Models:  312F35-LCS and 312F83-LC+
    • PARI SinuStar™ Model:  085F77-LCS
    • PRONEB® Ultra Models:  85F81-LCD, 85F83-LC+, and 85F83-P

Directions for Use:

Please see the Owner's Manual tab for full instructions on replacing the air filter, depending on your PARI delivery system.

Filter Replacement:

  • The PARI Replacement Air Filter Assembly - Part # 085F0012, is designed to keep dust and other particles out of the PARI compressor. This filter is designed to last for up to 500 hours of use. Over time, it will turn grey and require replacement. A good rule of thumb is to replace the air filter every 6 months - at the same time you replace your PARI nebulizer.

  • Never wash or reuse the air filter, and replace immediately if it gets wet or clogged.

Please click on a link below to view the Owner's Manual for the PARI delivery system that uses PARI Replacement Air Filter - Part # 085F0012.


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I was having a difficult time finding this filter that I needed for a reasonable price. Then I found your website and couldn't have been happier. I have an older nebulizer and all I needed was a new air filter. Now I have it and I'm good to go.