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Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

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Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler for steam vapor therapy eases congestion and is recommended as a source for sinus relief. Also provides symptomatic relief from cold, flu, sore throat, and allergies.

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This product provides relief from: Sinus Trouble

The Vicks® V1200 Personal Steam Inhaler uses a patented self-regulating heater that gently turns simple tap water into therapeutic steam in 3-5 minutes. Steam inhalation has long been recommended as a source of respiratory relief. The inhaler's warm vapor therapy helps to loosen congestion, open breathing passages, reduce sore throat, and ease headache discomfort. Variable steam control adjusts the concentration and temperature of the steam. A soft, plastic hood allows cool air to mix with the steam for soothing, deep penetration into nasal, sinus and throat passages as you breathe.  1-year Ltd. Manufacturer’s Warranty.


  • Provides symptomatic relief from colds, flu, bronchitis, allergies, and more
  • Delivers a steady flow of warm, moist air to the nose and throat to ease congestion and irritation
  • Can be used with optional Aromatic Inhalant Pads for aromatherapy vapors (sold separately)
  • Adjustable steam and temperature control
  • Comfortable soft plastic face hood
  • On/off indicator light
  • Adaptable voltage for traveling
  • Weighs less than 1 lb, and is only 17⅜" tall

Directions for Use:

Please see Owner's Manual tab for Use and Care Instructions for the Vicks® V1200 Personal Steam Inhaler.


  • Use your Steam Inhaler for 5-15 minute sessions, 2-3 times per day, while symptoms persist.
  • The inhaler's Water Reservoir uses regular tap water. Do NOT overfill, and use ONLY water (no medicines or inhalants) in the reservoir.
  • You may insert a Kaz Vicks Aromatic Inhalant Pad (sold separately) on top of the inhaler's Vent Assembly, by following the instructions that come with the pads.
  • Vent Levers on the inhaler can be used to adjust temperature and amount of steam flow.
  • Place your face over (but not on) the Inhaler Hood.  Do NOT rest your face on the Inhaler Hood, as this could cause the soft plastic to bend or the inhaler to tip over.


NEVER add any medication or inhalant liquids to the water reservoir, such as Vicks® or Kaz Inhalant. Severe burns could result.

Click here to view the Use and Care Instructions for the Vicks® V1200 Personal Steam Inhaler.


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This is very easy to use and clean. The steam is very soothing. I used it recently when I had a cold and it really helped my nose and throat feel better. I especially like the vapor inserts that add menthol vapors to the steam.
This is a wonderful product! I have chronic sinus issues and I use this occasionally. I love the smell of the menthol inhalant pads. It is so relaxing to sit and inhale the steam.

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