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Vapor-Eze Clean Air 5100 HEPA Filtration System

Vapor-Eze Clean Air 5100 HEPA Filtration System

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The Vapor-Eze Clean-Air 5100 air purifier is an affordably sized compact that you can use at home or on your travels, including in your car. Equipped with 4 levels of filtration, the Vapor-Eze 5100 cleans air of microscopic germs and particles, plus odors, smoke and fumes – a bonus for travelers with allergies or other sensitivities, or for anyone wanting to create a "clean air zone" around themselves.

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The Vapor-Eze™ Clean-Air 5100 Travel Air Purifier cleans air in small spaces or vehicles up to 180 square feet. Whether you're trying to treat sick building syndrome in your cube at work, deal with pollen and road fumes in your car, or just want the comfort of undisturbed sleep at your bedside, the Vapor-Eze Clean-Air 5100 gives you cleaner air in your personal space.

The Vapor-Eze 5100 features 4 stages of filtration, including a HEPA-like filter, 2 photo-catalytic filters, UV lamp, and an activated carbon filter to trap airborne particles, odors, fumes, and VOCs, and kill bacteria and viruses. The Vapor-Eze Clean-Air 5100 is extremely quiet, compact and efficient wherever you use it, and comes with both an AC adapter for indoors and DC adapter for your car.  1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.


  • Cleans air in the interior of a vehicle or in small rooms up to 180 sq ft (approx. 12' x 15')
  • Four-stage filtration helps reduce particles, VOCs, bacteria and molds, as well as many odors:
    • HEPA-like filter traps 99.2% particles as small as 0.3 microns
    • 2 photo-catalytic filters break down noxious fumes and VOCs, like formaldehyde and ammonia
    • UV lamp ‐ rated for 20,000 hours of use:
      • kills 88.5% germs, viruses and bacteria
      • kills mold, mildew and fungus spores
      • eliminates the smell of smoke and other annoying odors
    • Activated carbon filter absorbs 73.2% smoke, gases, odors and VOCs
  • Unique 2-fan system maximizes delivery of filtered air
  • 2 fan speeds (low, high)
  • On/off switch
  • Aromatherapy compartment ‐ to add the essential oil/fragrance of your choice
  • Use at home, hotels, work and travel ‐ comes complete with:
    • All 4 filters, plus the UV lamp
    • Aromatherapy wicks (3 included)
    • 120V AC adapter to plug into an electric outlet
    • 12V DC adapter for car, truck, RV, camper or boat
  • Compact, lightweight size:  2.95"H x 8.27"W x 4.72"D ‐ 2.5 lbs (with adapter)
  • Replace filters every 4-6 months, depending on use
Note: The Replacement Filter Pack for the Vapor-Eze Clean-Air 5100 (sold separately) contains all you need for a complete filter change: 1 HEPA filter, 1 activated carbon filter, 2 photo-catalyst filters, and 3 fragrance wicks. The replacement filters in this pack fit both the Clean-Air 5100 and the discontinued Clean-Air 5000.

At last, a solution for clean air in your car, your hotel room, at your desk, or by your bedside. The Vapor-Eze Clean Air 5100 is the mini version of a large HEPA/UV air cleaner, but one that you can carry with you and is much kinder on your wallet. Comes with 2 powerful fans and 4 levels of activated carbon, photo-catalytic, UV, and HEPA-like filtration, plus an AC adapter for indoor use, and DC adapter for the car. When used in a 4-door mid-size, Vapor-Eze delivers over 3 air exchanges per hour on low, and over 6 on high to freshen and clean air.

Room Size

180 sq. ft. (approx. 12' x 15')

Recommended For

Allergies, asthma, indoor or vehicle air quality

Best Fit

Recommended for those wanting cleaner air in vehicles or smaller spaces where a large air purifier is not available or practical

True HEPA Filtration

HEPA like

Particle Filtration Efficiency

• Particles ‐ 99.2% to 0.3 microns
• Viruses & bacteria - 88.5%
• Odors & fumes ‐ 73.2%

Particle Removal

Dust, dust mite allergen, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, viruses

Gas and Odor Removal

Tobacco smoke, exhaust fumes, chemical vapors

VOC Removal


Optional Filters


Unique Features / Benefits

Can be used indoors or in a vehicle, with included AC and 12V DC adapters.

CADR: Dust rating

Not tested by AHAM

CADR: Pollen rating

Not tested by AHAM

CADR: Smoke rating

Not tested by AHAM

ACH (air changes per hour)

Low fan speed:
• 0.34 ACH (180 sq. ft. room)
• 3.3 ACH (159 cu. ft vehicle)

High fan speed:
• 0.74 ACH (180 sq. ft. room)
• 6.6 ACH (159 cu. ft vehicle)

Airflow (cubic feet per minute)

9-18 cfm

Filtration System

4‐stage filtration:
• HEPA‐like filter
• Photo‐catalytic filters (2)
• UV lamp
• Activated carbon filter

Number of Filters to Replace

1 set (includes 4 filters, 3 aromatherapy pads)

Replace HEPA Filter

Every 4‐6 months

Replace Pre-Filter

Every 4-6 months

Replace Other Filters

Every 4-6 months

Dimensions (H x W x D)

2.95" x 8.27" x 4.72"

Color choices

Black with silver trim

Product Weight

2.5 lbs (with adapter)

Packaged Weight

3 lbs

Shipping Weight

4 lbs

Noise Level - (min-max decibels)

Not tested ‐ noise level on Low setting 50% less than on High


Manual ‐ 2 pushbuttons

Remote Control


Number of Fan Speeds


LCD Display




Programmable Cycles or Timer


Sleep Mode


Auto Fan Mode (auto adjusts based on air quality)


Particle, Gas or VOC Detector


Filter Status Indicator


Filter Reset function


Other Indicators


Other Features

Aromatherapy "scent drawer," with 3 pads to add your own essential oil

Casters or Handles


Air Inlet

Left side

Air Outlet

Right side

Housing Construction

ABS Plastic

Fan / Motor Assembly

2‐fan system:
• 1 fan runs on Low
• Both fans run on High

Energy Consumption (watts)

< 8 W

Power Requirements

110 V

Power Plug

• 120V AC adapter, with 2‐prong plug
• 12V DC adapter for vehicles


0.7 amp

Energy Star®


AHAM-certified CADR


Approvals / Other Certifications

UL‐approved plug

Ozone Emission


Manufacturer's Warranty

1-Year Limited

Vapor-Eze Clean-Air 5100 Instructions

Please see Owner's Manual tab for operating and care instructions, plus full instructions on changing the filter pack.

General on Filter Replacement:

  • Replace the filter pack every 4-6 months for optimum performance.

  • Replacing all Vapor-Eze filters at the same time is recommended.

  • Remember that the filter's service life is related to the volume of air that passes through the purifier and the amount of contaminants in the air. If the air you are purifying has unusually high levels of airborne particulates or contaminants, the service life of the filters may be shortened.

Click here to view the Owner's Manual for the Vapor-Eze™ Clean-Air 5100.


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I really haven't noticed any difference
This is very noisy. It's impossible to sleep with it on, unless you wear earplugs. But it is small, and has UV, which is a feature I like, so This is very noisy. It's impossible to sleep with it on, unless you wear earplugs. But it is small, and has UV, which is a feature I like, so it's good for travel. The switch is going bad on mine. Also, filter is starting to smell, after less than 4 months
Works well. Is completely quiet on low, a little noisy on high but more like white noise. I'm happy with it.
I purchased this for our car to use when traveling with our 2 dogs. For the first time ever, traveling home this Christmas gave me no allergy symptoms! I love this product and plan it to use it for every road trip we take with our dogs! The excerpt above came from National Allergy, your source for quality Health & Home products.
I use this product in my car. I keep it in the back seat on high and can tell a noticeable difference in the air quality inside the car. It even filters out the annoying fresh cut grass smell as you pass mowers cutting grass on the side of the road. Which is one of the reasons I purchased this item. I love it!

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