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Ultimate One-Wipe Dusting Cloths 5-Pack

Ultimate One-Wipe Dusting Cloths 5-Pack

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Guardsman® Dusting Cloths are fast, effective, reusable, and won't scratch furniture or leave behind lint or dust-attracting residue. Cloths trap and hold allergen-laden dust without any irritating odors or particles from sprays. Recommended by fine furniture makers. 5 cloths per package (8x14" ea).

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This product provides relief from: Dust Allergies

Guardsman® Ultimate Dusting Cloths ‐ 5-Pack, grab and hold dust as you wipe. Designed for people who care about furniture, Guardsman dusting cloths also do wonders for people with allergies. Dust alone can trigger allergies, and can also attract and trap other allergens like pollen, dust mites, and mold spores. As dust circulates through the air or is stirred by walking or wiping, it can cause allergic reaction. Guardsman dusting cloths do not push or scatter dust around like ordinary cloths. With just one wipe, Guardsman grabs hold of and locks in any dust the cloth comes into contact with.

Guardsman cotton flannel cloths are lint free and do not require a dusting spray, which can irritate sensitivities and leave behind a dust-attracting residue. While dust is a natural enemy of furniture and can create microscopic scratches that dull the finish, Guardsman dusting cloths won't scratch delicate finishes, and are recommended by fine furniture makers. Generously sized to work quickly and effectively on all your dusting needs. Washable and reusable.  Package contains five (5) Guardsman® Ultimate Dusting Cloths (8" x 14" each).


  • Specially treated, residue-free dusting cloths grab and hold dust
  • Will not scatter does as you wipe
  • Designed for furniture lovers and allergy sufferers
  • Helps prevent dust-induced allergy symptoms
  • Recommended by furniture makers to preserve wood and leather furniture
  • Works on all your dusting needs – furniture, appliances, blinds, cabinetry, ceiling fans, and more
  • Can even be used on floor sweepers or long-handled mops for hard-to-reach spots
  • Leaves behind no dust-attracting residue like sprays can
  • Will not scratch delicate finishes
  • 100% cotton flannel ‐ lint free
  • Package of 5 cloths (8"x14" each)
  • Hand washable and reusable
  • Made in USA

Care Instructions:

  • Rinse and reuse each cloth.
  • Can also be hand washed with lukewarm water and mild detergent.
  • Allow to air dry.

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wonderful really picks up dust, and not spread it around like a feather duster. thumps up

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