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Sticky Critter Washable Lint Roller

Sticky Critter Washable Lint Roller

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Use The Sticky Critter Washable Lint Roller to quickly and easily roll away pet hair, lint and dust!

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The Sticky Critter Washable Roller is great for picking up pet hair and allergens – just roll and watch it all disappear! The Sticky Critter is fully washable so you never need a refill. Sticky Critter Washable Roller comes with a versatile handle that extends to 41" to tackle carpets, drapes, stairways and more. Also excellent on clothing and car interiors. And, unlike disposable versions, there are no paper refills to throw away or replace.  The Sticky Critter Washable Roller now comes with a hard plastic protective cover for storage.


  • Stickiness can be refreshed simply by washing the roller with a mild detergent
  • Always keep covered when not in use

Rated 3.56 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

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September 5
Great product, easy to use and clean, gets the job done!
Had sticky critter years ago, do not believe they are as good as when they first came out. I ordered a sticky roller which I sent back through another company because it was a gel on stick and could get nicked and come off easily. So I found the sticky critter again but have to admit I am very disappointed because this new one was not like the first one I ever owned and I had it for quite a few years and had purchased it from I believe Menards but then they quit selling it and I could not find it.
I really liked this product at the beginning. It worked extremely well in picking up dog and cat hair. However, very quickly, I had difficulty with the washing and getting the appropriate stickiness back. I finally gave up. They were too much trouble for the results obtained.
I tried this product after years of buying (and throwing out) tape style lint brushes. I am very happy with the reduction in waste now. This product is pretty good at picking up my long haired cats' fur off of virtually all surfaces (even floors). One down side, though, you must rinse it with water often in order to keep it sticky, so there's a bit of work involved. Overall, though, it works well.
Works great on picking up dog hair from clothing and furniture. have to wash often and let dry or pat dry with a towel , so if you have lots of hair to pick up it will take a little extra time. overall I like it better than the sticky tape products.

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