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Sprite Dechlorinating Bath Salts

Sprite Dechlorinating Bath Salts

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Sprite® Dechlorinating Bath Salts are a lovely and healthy way to enjoy a relaxing bath without chlorine. Sprite's patented Chlorgon® is used in crystal form to convert harmful chlorine into a harmless chloride for worry-free bathing. Other ingredients include Epsom salts and sea salts, both known for their healthful effects. No artificial colors, scents or fragrances.  40-oz bottle provides 25-30 chlorine-free baths.

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This product provides relief from: Fragrances & Odors, Sensitive Skin

Sprite® Mediterranean Blue Dechlorinating Bath Salts remove chlorine from bath water for healthier bathing. Whether you are enjoying a relaxing, warm bath or bathing young children, removing chlorine from the bath water keeps you from absorbing it through your skin. These health and beauty-conscious bath salts from Sprite feature Chlorgon® in crystal form to neutralize irritating chlorine. The salts contain magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) and sea salts, both known for their therapeutic effect on bathers. Sprite Bath Salts are scent and fragrance free, and contain no artificial coloring. Just add one capful of Mediterranean Blue Dechlorinating Bath Salts to bath water for a restorative bath that leaves your skin noticeably softer. Can be used alone or with other bath products.  Comes in 40-oz container for about 25-30 baths.


  • Soothing, all-natural bath salts neutralize chlorine in bath water
  • Crystal-Chlorgon® converts free chlorine and some combined chlorines to a harmless chloride
  • Great for those with dry, delicate or sensitive skin or for the chemically sensitive
  • 40-oz bottle provides more than 25 chlorine-free baths
  • Helps improve health and restore beauty
  • Effective in all water temperatures


Magnesium Sulfate, Sea salt, Calcium Sulfide.


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