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Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattresses And Mattress/Box Spring Sets

Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattresses And Mattress/Box Spring Sets

These hand-crafted, orthopedically designed cotton mattresses help you to avoid chemical compounds so you sleep better and wake up refreshed!

Designed for people who wish to avoid man-made fibers or chemical finishes found in most mattresses, the Royal-Pedic natural cotton mattress is truly unique. The All Cotton line…click to read more on the product tabs below.


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  • Royal-Pedic All Cotton - Mattress Only
    Item # 730-CMO-Size

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  • Royal-Pedic All Cotton - Mattress & Box Spring Set
    Item # 730-CMS-Size

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  • Royal-Pedic Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame
    Item # 730-BEDFRAME-Size

    Please Note: If ordering a bed frame without the purchase of a Royal-Pedic mattress or mattress and box spring set, an additional shipping charge will apply. We will contact you with a quote.
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  • Royal-Pedic Old Mattress Removal Service
    Item # 730-REMOVAL

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Royal Pedic Logo

Designed for people who wish to avoid man-made fibers or chemical finishes found in most mattresses, the Royal-Pedic natural cotton mattress is truly unique. The All Cotton line is Royal-Pedic's firmest mattress that offers exceptional orthopedic support. Additionally, Royal-Pedic's optional 3" thick and 5" thick pillowtop pads give you additional cushioning and luxurious comfort while keeping mattress firmness and support. The mattress is 8" thick, so the overall bed height from the floor when installed on Royal-Pedic's 8" thick box spring and 7.25" metal frame is approximately 23".

The All Cotton mattress features Royal-Pedic's double heat-tempered, Royal-Flex® innerspring Royal-Pedic Craftsman Layering Natural Organic Cottonsystem that was designed in Switzerland. This unique innerspring unit contains 85% more coils than are found in standard mattress systems. The coil springs in the mattress are open ended, unknotted, six turn springs that provide far more flexibility. Greater flexibility means more sensitivity to body contours and overall body support that results in better relaxation.

Royal-Pedic's skilled U.S. craftsmen hand layer the staple cotton padding on each side of the innerspring to guarantee a consistent, supportive sleeping surface. More than 50 pounds of pre-compressed cotton goes into making a king size Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress. There is no polyurethane foam padding in the mattress, so you enjoy longer durability and lasting body support.

Royal-Pedic Craftsman Hand Tufting the Traditional Way

In order to ventilate body heat, the inner cotton padding is encased in 100% Belgian cotton ticking. Unlike most other mattresses, the Royal-Pedic mattress is hand tufted the old-fashioned way with European tufting straps to better pre-compress the cotton padding to enhance orthopedic back support. Tufting buttons often turn on their sides with the result that they create an uncomfortable sleeping surface, so Royal-Pedic does not use buttons to tuft their mattresses.

The right box springs are important to your sleeping comfort, and Royal-Pedic box spring construction is created with your sleep comfort in mind. Royal-Pedic uses 22% more coils than the industry standard for extra support and durability, and has 50% more coils located in the center-third of the box spring to better support the center of your body (40% of body weight is located in the torso area). Royal-Pedic's coil wire is an extra heavy duty 8 3/4 gauge compared to the standard 9 1/2 gauge wire. Additionally, our box spring boasts a generous layer of staple cotton padding for added support to the bottom side of the mattress. There are brass corner guards installed on all corners, in place of the plastic ones that easily break off. Heavy duty cotton fabric is used on the bottom of the box spring, rather than the thin, synthetic, non-woven fabric that often tears, droops and frays.

Royal-Pedic All-Cotton Mattresses and box springs are perfect for the following shopper:
  • You prefer a natural but firm night's sleep. This durable, premium all-cotton mattress is one of the most popular items in the entire Royal-Pedic line.
  • You appreciate the natural feel of cotton, and want all-cotton around the innerspring and in the padding.
  • You have sensitivities to chemicals (MCS) like synthetic latex, polyurethane, and petrochemicals from chemically treated fibers.
  • You want a durable, long-lasting, and supportive box spring that is made from solid wood and an exceptional coil spring system that far exceeds industry standards.
  • You would enjoy sleeping on an optional mattress pad (your choice of thickness) for a soft, deep, plush feeling.
  • You prefer dealing in confidence with a company with over 50 years experience in making only the best mattresses money can buy.

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Additional Info

  • 8" Thick (no additional pad) is the Firmest Mattress Choice
  • The Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress includes the Royal-Flex® 704i Innerspring unit that was designed in Switzerland and contains 85% more coils than standard mattresses. More coils means that there is much more flexibility to support the body and the result is more relaxation.
  • The All-Cotton mattress is built by true craftsmen who hand-layer the staple cotton padding on each side of the innerspring unit to make sure you have a comfortable and supportive sleep surface.
  • The mattress's inner cotton padding is encased by a 100% Belgian cotton ticking that diffuses your body's heat. The cotton ticking is not slippery, so it keeps the pillowtop pads stable to help prevent them from shifting unlike polyester fabrics from other brands.
  • Rather than using foam cylinders that are usually made from petrochemicals to give a supportive edge to the mattress, Royal-Pedic employs the T-Spring Side Support. When the T-Spring Side Support is installed around the Royal-Flex Innerspring, it provides excellent edge to edge sleeping comfort and support.
  • Royal-Pedic Double-Diamond Box Spring provides brass corner guards that are installed in all corners of the mattress and employs a heavy duty cotton fabric on the bottom of the box springs.

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All-Cotton Royal-Pedic Mattress, Box Spring, and Pillowtop Mattress Pads are available in the following sizes: Twin, Long Twin, Full, Queen, King, & California King. Bed sets include a Royal-Pedic Mattress and Box Spring. Bed frames and Pillowtop Mattress Pads are also available.

Royal Pedic Size Chart
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*Important Info

Royal-Pedic Free Shipping

We offer free delivery and installation on any Royal-Pedic mattresses or set purchase to many areas in the contiguous U.S. Additional shipping charges will have to be quoted by National Allergy for locations considered by the freight company to be a remote area based on your zip code. We'll contact you if necessary or you can give us a call at 1-800-522-1448 if you think this might apply to you.

Once your Royal-Pedic bed has shipped out, a delivery coordinator will call you and arrange a delivery time. We also offer optional removal and disposal of your old mattress and box spring for a fee of $100.00. A "stair carry" charge will apply if the mattress does not fit into the building elevator.

Royal-Pedic No Return Policy

Each Royal-Pedic mattress, box spring, and pillowtop pad is hand crafted and custom made expressly for the customer placing their order. This assures our customers of always receiving fresh new materials and components. There are no cancelations once the order is placed into production, and no returns or exchanges. This supersedes National Allergy's 60-Day return policy. Accessory items such as pillows, and bedframes are not returnable if the packaging is opened.

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