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Occomeia Foaming Organic Facial Cleanser

Occomeia Foaming Organic Facial Cleanser

Go Beyond Cleansing To Actually Repairing Your Skin, Naturally!

The all-natural ingredients in physician’s formulated Occomeia Organic Cleanser gives your skin a healthy glow, works to prevent skin irritations and also helps heal the ones that…click to read more on the product tabs below.


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  • Occomeia Organic Foaming Cleanser <br>4.2-Oz. Bottlelarger image

    Occomeia Organic Foaming Cleanser
    4.2-Oz. Bottle
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The all-natural ingredients in physician’s formulated Occomeia Organic Cleanser gives your skin a healthy glow, works to prevent skin irritations and also helps heal the ones that are already there. The secret of the skin-healing formulation is in the natural, organic ingredients.

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Additional Info

Occomeia Organic Cleanser Product Notes:

  • Its patented formula promotes healing of acne scars, fights the formation of pimples and revitalizes skin without the use of any man-made chemicals.
  • It’s gentle enough to use daily on face or body to deep clean, tone, and moisturize your skin.
  • Men with skin that is sensitive to razor rash have found healing when used regularly.
  • Occomeia is skin care balanced naturally.
  • Generous 4.2-oz. size lasts a long time, even with regular use.
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Tech Data


  • African Natural Black Soap is made from the skin of the plantain mixed with coconut, palm and palm kernel oils. Gentle. Antiseptic properties. Rich in vitamins A and E.
  • Neem Oil is pressed from the fruit and seeds of the Azadirachta Indica, an evergreen tree. Healing. Antibacterial. Anti-inflammatory.
  • Tea Tree Oil is taken from the melaleuca alternifolia tree. Antifungal. Antiseptic.
  • Shea Buter Oil is a by-product of Shea Butter derived from the nuts of the Shea Karite tree.
  • Avocado Oil penetrates deep into skin. Natural carrier of other supplements.
  • Bergamot Oil is obtained from the rind of the fruit of the Citrus Bergamia. Sweet aroma. Disinfectant. Healing.
  • Lavender Oil is healing. antiseptic. and antifungal.
  • Grape Seed Extract. High in silicon.
  • Grapefruit Oil. Cleanser. Toner.
  • Jojoba Oil. Antibacterial.
  • Also contains Rosemany Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, and Organic Aloe Vera Gel.
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”I don't want to sound like a Occomeia infomercial, but I will speak the truth! My daughter is currently using the Occomeia Organic Foaming Cleanser and moisturizer. Prior to Occomeia, she had been living with moderate/severe acne. Absolutely NOTHING has helped her the way Occomeia Foaming Cleanser has. This product has consistently kept her skin clear. It works. I know everyone's skin is different, and you may not have the success story she has, but it is DEFINITELY worth a try! Her skin is beautiful, smooth, and healthy looking (which she has not experienced in about 2 years!).
~ from  M.

"I love the new products! If you only knew how good my face looked you would be proud. I have not worn foundation on my face in three months!"  ~from  M.

"I have very sensitive skin and also skin prone to acne. It has been very hard for me to find a product that will help both. I have tried over the counter products and prescription medicines, however, clear skin was never accomplished. Since I came across Occomeia skin care products, I felt and saw a difference right away. I was very skeptical at the beginning, but my skin was the biggest proof that this product does work. For the first time in my life I got a complement on my skin the other day and all I could think of was thank you Ocomeia!" ~ from  E.

"I started using Occomeia a few weeks ago and I have never been so impressed with a facial cleanser. Not only is it all natural but it removes makeup and dirt without drying my skin. I suffer from eczema and combination dry/oily skin and I used to several products to maintain healthy clear skin. I am happy to say I found everything I need in one product!!"  ~ from  K.

"I have a severe case of seborrheic dermatitis and I also have eczema. I have used numerous prescription soaps, ointments and lotions that my dermatologist has prescribed for my conditions. None of them manage my conditions better than Occomeia's foaming face wash. As a matter of fact, I only wash my face with it now and only have to use the prescription lotions a few times a week instead of daily. I could tell a difference in my face after using the product after a day." ~ from G.

 "This foamin soap is great. It doesn't smell like medicine and keeps my skin smooth and soft. The change in my skin happened so quickly I didn't have time to take before pictures. Now I can shave daily with any razor and not worry."  ~ from J.

"My two-year-old daughter had the worst skin until I tried this new cleanser. At first I was skeptical but it actually really worked to improve her dry skin. I even stopped using the soap over a few days, while we were on vacation, and my daughter's skin got visibly worse. Once I started using the product again her skin miraculously cleared up! I am very pleased with this soap/cleanser given that my daughter's skin has been problematic since birth. I highly recommend the cleanser for anyone with dry troubled skin."  ~ from X.

"I was asked to try this product a couple months ago and hesitated (being of the senior generation) in trying anything new and not yet at that time on the national market. I have suffered with an annoying rash down in the front of my neck for about 6 years. I originally thought it was from walking in the sun because my husband and I are tremendous walkers. He and I are in our 70's.  I assumed it was sun irritation and I refused to give up walking so I was willing to accept this as part of aging. I used all sorts of skin lotions and sun block to relieve the itching and red rash. Most only gave temporary relief. It never really left. Recently, during the winter, this rash flared up again. This time no sun. I used Occomeia twice a day for 48 hrs...2 days and the itching totally stopped and the rash totally left. It was UNREAL!!! It was wonderful to not wake up in the middle of the night because of  itching...what a relief." ~ from  M.

"I love this soap! I had been using a different foaming cleanser that does not compare. The combination of the four ingredients leaves my skin feeling super soft and squeaky clean and is great at taking off all of my makeup. Just a couple of pumps are all it takes; a little goes a long way. I am pregnant and have been experiencing redness and blotchiness on my face. Occomeia has completely cleared my extra sensitive, irritable skin and left me glowing."  ~ from A.

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  •   drsocialjustice - 7/12/11 20:37 pm Like the other reviewers, I've used many products over the years because I have very sensitive, yet acne and eczema-prone skin. This product is intense and powerful. I've been using it almost a month and I feel like it does a good job with my acne, but I have to be careful about getting it too close to my lips, because it's irritating. So, I use it in combination with another cleanser. If I remember, I'll update this review when I've used it for a longer time period.

    This user has owned this product for: less than a month
  •   camille - 7/6/11 0:01 am I love love love this product. I have used everything from otc product, proactive, skin id, clinique, marykay, and the list goes on. Although I still can not pronounce the name of this face wash, I can't use anything else. My skin has cleared up from acne and redness. The moisturizer I use is also from National Allergy Supply. Protigique (sp?) is also amazing! Ii highly recommend either of these products! I have been using this product for 6-8 months now and it hasn't let me down.

    This user has owned this product for: 1 to 6 months
  •   Marylou - 8/23/10 4:10 am I have tried many facial cleansers to clear up clogged pores, from inexpensive, to very expensive, with all the scrubs and lotions to go with them. The cleansers seemed to be working, but I have begun to believe, the lotions were causing problems and not helping, that I may be allergic to something in them.
    I have been using Occomeia for about 2 months now and see a definite difference in my face, and along with Vanicream I am fully satisfied with the results.

    This user has owned this product for: 1 to 6 months
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