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<i>Allergic To Pets?</i> Book
<i>Allergic To Pets?</i> Book

Allergic To Pets? Book


Sensitivity to animals is one of the most frequently diagnosed allergies - yet until now, allergic animal lovers have been faced with only two choices: give up their beloved pets or live with the suffering. Finally help is here! Allergic To Pets? is the first book to provide effective advice for cohabitating with cats, dogs, small furry pets, birds and even horses.

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Additional Info

Product Notes:

  • This book is an indespensible resource for animal-loving allergy sufferers everywhere, packed with much-needed advice, explanations, and helpful tips.
  • Renowned pet expert Shirlee Kalstone explains:
    • What causes an allergic reaction and how to ward off the worst of it.
    • How to care for your hairy, furry, and feathered pets (and their environments) to minimize allergens.
    • How to allergen-proof your home, room-by-room.
    • When to get professional assistance: medicines for the sufferer as well as nontoxic allergen-reducing products formulated specifically for animals.
    • And much more!

Here's what one doctor says:

"I've learned a great deal from reading this book that I can immediately apply to my patients' care as well as to my own pet-filled home. There is something for every type of pet owner in this book." - Robyn J. Levy, M.D., board-certified allergist
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  • Allergic to Pets? by Shirlee Kalstone
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