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Spry Toothpaste With Xylitol
Spry Toothpaste With Xylitol

Spry Toothpaste With Xylitol


The Spry Dental Defense System is a family of products from the makers of popular Xlear Nasal Wash. All Xlear and Spry products contain Xylitol - a natural sweetener. How does Xylitol fight cavities? Xylitol products enhance dental health by creating an unwelcome environment for bacteria.  Brush twice a day with Spry toothpaste and make your mouth happy!



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Additional Info

Product Notes:

  • Studies show that consistent use of products sweetened with 100% Xylitol:
    • Reduce cavities by up to 80%
    • Inhibit the ability of cavity-causing, plaque-forming bacteria to stick to teeth
    • Reverse early cavity formation
    • Reduce gum tissue inflammation
    • Reduce ear infections by up to 40%
    • Minimize tooth scarring and puffy gums that can occur during orthodontic treatment
  • Bacteria lose their ability to stick to teeth in a Xylitol-rich environment. As a result, there is less bacterial colonization and therefore, a reduction in plaque build-up and tooth decay.
  • Spry Coolmint Toothpaste with Xylitol is a simple, refreshing way to reduce your risk of cavities.
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Tech Data

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  • Spry Coolmint Toothpaste - 4-oz Tube
    Item # 59-0506

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