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BedCare Zippered Vinyl Mattress Cover/Box Spring Cover

BedCare Zippered Vinyl Mattress Cover/Box Spring Cover


Medical studies show box springs also need to be encased. The BedCare Zippered Vinyl Mattress Cover or Box Spring Cover utilizes a revolutionary proprietary design that incorporates super tear-resistant Duralast vinyl and a patented SecureZip zipper. The result is a vinyl mattress cover that is 50% stronger in tensile strength than other leading brands and a zipper construction that is virtually tear-proof providing unparalleled quality and performance.
Lifetime Warranty

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Additional Info

Product Notes:

  • If you are vinyl or chemically sensitive, you may want to consider using BedCare Economy Zippered Box Spring Cover in standard 9" depth or in 5" depth for low profile box springs.
  • Sizing Note: It is very rare for a King or California King mattress to have just 1 solid box spring - the mattress usually sits on a split box spring. Please double check yours to ensure a correct order. For a King with a split boxspring, please order 2 of the Long Twin Size (11-3980). For a California King with a split boxspring, please order 2 of the California Long Twin Size (11-3784).
  • BedCare Zippered Vinyl Mattress Cover or Box Spring Cover is perfect for:
    • Complete protection from the dust mite allergen in your box springs or mattress.
    • Those who prefer all a vinyl mattress cover.
    • Protecting yourself from bed bugs in the mattress or box springs. For more information on the problem of bed bugs review this Bed Bug Fact Sheet from Ohio State University.
  • This unique allergen barrier vinly mattress cover and bed spring cover incorporates a proprietary manufacturing process and product design.

Here's what one satisfied customer says:

"The box spring encasements were excellent... I have tried others only to have them tear or the zipper come apart after struggling to get them on. Thanks again.”
L. from an E-Mail
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Once your vinyl mattress cover is out of the package, the initial vinyl smell will dissipate.

If the odor is particularly strong to you, we suggest airing the zippered vinly mattress cover for 1-2 days in open air or sunshine prior to use.

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  • Rating Comment 5 Ratings rate this product
  •   Joyce - 7/21/12 4:46 am Excellent quality!

    This user has owned this product for: 1 to 3 years
  •   Kristy - 2/6/12 20:34 pm I had previously purchased these covers for our box springs when we moved into our new house over 8 years ago and they are still holding up. My new purchase of 6 twin covers were for hospital bed mattresses in Haiti. After looking all day in our shopping area to find anything similar, I realized that there was nothing that matched the quality of these!

    This user has owned this product for: over 3 years
  •   Cindy - 11/23/11 0:28 am I have been using these for years now and I love the way that they are waterproof. They have a wonderful warranty on them if they happen to get a hole etc. They have protected my mattress and boxsprings for many years now. I found out about this company through a doctor and I am so glad that I did, they have some very wonderful products to use around the home. Thank you.

    This user has owned this product for: over 3 years
  •   Jenny - 3/19/11 17:03 pm We purchased a pair of the long twin covers to go on the box springs under our king mattress 8 years ago. After seven years of use, our daughter tore a small hole in one but we kept them both on and that decision later saved our mattress set from the plague of mold that visited our home a year later.
    We left for a week and when we returned, we found that the record amount of rains had turned our house into mold central. The inspector found several different types of mold, including toxic chaetomium. We threw out affected toys, blankets, books, rugs, clothes, etc. I thought the mattress and box springs would have to go too, but when we unzipped the covers, they still smelled fresh and new! So now i'm back for more. Replacing just the encasements is going to be much easier and cheaper.

    This user has owned this product for: over 3 years
  •   Sharon - 9/23/09 12:37 pm When we decided to help my husband's allergies by creating a "comfort zone" in our bedroom, this is one of many products we purchased from National Allergy.
    It was easy to use, and has held up well.
    We've been very pleased with the purchase.

    This user has owned this product for: 1 to 3 years


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