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OptiChamber Advantage Valved Holding Chamber - Mask Still Available Below

OptiChamber Advantage Valved Holding Chamber - Mask Still Available Below


The OptiChamber Advantage Valved Holding Chamber helps you get the most from your asthma medication by making available more of the smaller medication particles -- those that can reach deep into the peripheral airways. Designed to optimize patient value and ease-of-use, OptiChamber's replaceable valve facilitates cleaning and provides longer trouble-free performance.

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Additional Info

OptiChamber Product Notes:

  • Warning whilstle will alert you if you are breathing too fast.
  • Helps target medicine to your lungs.
  • Helps keep you from spraying drug on the back of your throat.
  • Clear mouthpiece helps caregiver to see valve movement to coordinate timing of medication actuation.
  • Helps eliminate unpleasant tastes of some medications.
  • Detachable pediatric mask available (see above).

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OptiChamber can be completely disassembled for cleaning.

Warm water and mild soap are recommended.

All parts are top-rack dishwasher-safe except the valve and face mask.

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Tech Data

OptiChamber has been clinically demonstrated to provide rapid lung function improvement when compared to drug delivered via jet nebulizer and a large volume spacer.
(Gibson PG, Wlodarczyk JH, Borgas T. Drug delivery in asthma: A comparison of spacers with jet nebuliser. Aust NZ J Med 1995:25,324-329.)

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    Pediatric Mask for OptiChamber Holding Chamber
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