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3M N95 Particle Respirator 8000 Masks - 30-Pack

3M N95 Particle Respirator 8000 Masks - 30-Pack


The 3M N95 Particle Respirator mask helps to filter out fine airborne particles including pollens, dander, mite allergen, mold spores, and microorganisms and their unique, lightweight construction helps you stay cool and comfortable while wearing the mask.

This mask meets the NIOSH N95 standard.



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Additional Info

Product Notes:

  • NIOSH government-approved N95 Respirator
  • The patented filter media provides at least 95% filtration against non-oil particles.
  • Lightweight single-layer construction provides enhanced comfort.
  • An adjustable noseclip reduces eyewear fogging and provides a secure seal.

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  •   Marilynn O. - 3/4/11 19:53 pm I'm wearing a mask around the house in situations where I'll be exposed to dust/dust mites, like emptying the vacuum or doing floor exercises on carpet. It seems to filter out what had been irritants to me before. The price is right since I re-use the same mask for quite a while. My allergist recommended a mask with an N95 rating, and this fit the bill.

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    3M 8000 N95 Surgical Filtration Masks - Box of 30
    Item # 40-8000

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