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Rhinotip Irrigation Attachment

Rhinotip Irrigation Attachment


When sinusitis causes that stuffy-head feeling and makes you feel miserable, there is a safe, natural and inexpensive way to get relief. It's called nasal irrigation, and you may already have the oral irrigation device you need to get started. When a Rhinotip is attached to a Waterpik oral irrigation device, it provides a stimulating sonic micro-massage to the interior of the nose to help bring relief.

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Product Notes:

  • The Rhinotip has a patent pending mechanism to reduce the jetstream pressure, so that even the most delicate noses can tolerate irrigation comfortably.
  • It also fits Interplak, Panasonic, Oxyfresh, or Viajet oral devices as well.

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Place the Rhinotip on the end of the standard tapered, dental jet tip attachment

Add saline solution to the reservoir

A doctor-recommended recipe for nasal irrigation is a combination of 1/4 tsp. salt and 1/8 tsp. baking soda to 1 cup of warm water

This warm solution quickly aids irritated nose tissue and cleanses crusted mucus, debris, pollen and pollution.

Turn the unit on to a low, comfortable setting to get cleansing, rejuvenating, circular irrigation through the nose and exposed sinus openings

For best results, irrigate mornings and evenings until sinus symptoms ease


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  • Rhinotip Sinus Irrigation Attachment
    Item # 112-1000

    For use with Oral Hygiene Devices
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