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The Hard Floor Dust Mop

The Hard Floor Dust Mop


Finally, a dust mop that actually grabs dust instead of just pushing it around! Now pick up all of the dust on your floors, baseboards, door sills and walls with this hard floor duster. This uses the same technology as our Dust Grabber so you capture dust rather than just push it around.  The wipes use no contaminating chemicals or oils, and their dust-attracting ability is permanent - it will never wash out.

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Additional Info

Product Notes:

  • The dust mop comes complete with a lightweight, adjustable mop head (10" wide), two wipes and a 4 piece, 45" long handle.
  • Unlike store brands, when wipes are dirty, just throw them in the washing machine and reuse again and again
  • Extra floor wipes are available below.
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  • Replacement Wipes - 2 Packlarger image

    Replacement Wipes - 2 Pack
    Item # 80-1418

    For the Floor Dust Mop
    Limited Inventory, act quickly as we do not intend to restock this item.
  • Floor Dust Mop
    Item # 80-7000

    We apologize, but we no longer carry this product.

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