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De-Odor Rod
De-Odor Rod

De-Odor Rod


This natural odor neutralizer stops odor in litter boxes, small cages, vehicles, closets, refrigerators, and other areas. The De-Odor Rod contains no chemicals and has no fragrance. It contains natural mineral crystals which are uniquely effective in attracting the airborne ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases and odors in the home. Its effectiveness can be renewed approximately every 30 days by placing in direct sunlight for one or more days.

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Additional Info

Natural Odor Neutralizer Product Notes:

  • The slim line contains mounting strips.
  • The mighty mini does not come with mounting strips.

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With proper recharging in sunlight, the De-Odor Rod will last one year or longer.

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  • Rating Comment 2 Ratings rate this product
  •   Florence - 3/27/10 14:08 pm I use this in my bathrooms instead of a chemically scented deodorizer.
    I've used this product for many years I replace them yearly.

    This user has owned this product for: over 3 years
  •   Sharienne - 1/2/10 6:59 am Works on trash cans and poop pans... I just wish I could hide it on my husband without him knowing...

    This user has owned this product for: 1 to 3 years


  • De-Odor Rod - Mighty Mini
    Item # 72-1006

    We apologize, but we no longer carry this product.
  • De-Odor Rod - Slim Line
    Item # 72-1005

    We apologize, but we no longer carry this product.
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