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Original Sinus Irrigator Tip

Original Sinus Irrigator Tip


Here's a natural, drug-free treatment for the relief of congestion and stuffiness that's safer and easier to use than blowing your nose. It's the Original Sinus Irrigator Tip for use with oral hygiene devices like the WaterPik (except model WP360) or Interplak system. Please note that this tip does not fit the Hydro Pulse System or WaterPik units over 10 years old.

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Additional Info

Product Notes:

  • The gentle pressure from the WaterPik is just right for the nasal membranes; the pulsating action moves mucus away and restores natural elements.
  • The rate of the pulsation matches the normal rate of the healthy nasal cilia.
  • The Sinus Irrigation Tip thins secretions, helps many chest symptoms while it washes away pollutants, toxins, allergens and dirt.
  • The Sinus Tip was developed by a board-certified ear, nose and throat specialist as a drug-free alternative for the treatment of sinus disease.
  • It's also recommended for post nasal drip, chronic sinusitis, recurrent sore throats, excessive thick mucus, nasal snoring, ear blockage and much, much more.

Here's what one doctor says:

"A particularly helpful strategy in the treatment and prevention of chronic sinusitis is saline washing using the Grossan Sinus Irrigator Tip. If it is done regularly, many patients with persistent or chronic sinusitis need no drug treatment at all." Gary Rachelefsky, M.D. Associate Director Allergy-Immunology U.C.L.A School of Medicine
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    Sinus Irrigator Tip
    Item # 69-0099

    For use with Oral Hygiene Devices
    We apologize, but we no longer carry this product.
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