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Nu-Stat Electrostatic Filter Cleaner

Nu-Stat Electrostatic Filter Cleaner


Nu-Stat Electrostatic Filter Cleaner removes the tough grease, dirt, dust and allergens that collect on electrostatic furnace filters. Once-a-month treatment with Nu-Stat filter cleaner will keep your filter clean so it can perform at peak efficiency. And Nu-Stat Electrostatic Filter Cleaner is environmentally friendly - no chlorine, no odor, and 100% biodegradable.  This filter cleaner is good for all makes of permanent, electrostatic furnace filters. Quart bottle with sprayer.

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Use filter cleaner monthly.

Just spray it on, allow to stand for a minute, and then rinse, leaving your furnace filter clean and working like new!

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Tech Data

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  •   Tigger - 7/1/10 12:30 pm Couldn't be easier, just spray on the filter, wait a minute and rinse. Flip the filter over and repeat to get all angles. Dirt, grease, and other particles will just rinse away. I recommend doing this outside using a hose. Also consider using this spray on other items, e.g., a baby gate, which I used for keeping my dogs out of a closet. With all the nooks and crannies on the gate, Nustat made very quick work of cleaning it. Yes!

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