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Automate Ionic Air Purifier

Automate Ionic Air Purifier


Now even your car can be a clean air zone with our Automate Ionic Air Purifier. Just plug it in to your car's cigarette lighter or universal 12 volt connection and it silently removes up to 90% of most road pollutants. It helps eliminate exhaust fumes, road dust, bacteria, allergens, molds and more. As with all of our corona discharge ionic air purifiers, ozone emissions are very low and safe for anyone.

If you are an asthmatic, please consult your physician before ordering this product.


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Additional Info

Product Note:

  • Some cars develop a mold problem in the air conditioning system, and you'll smell a musty odor when the system is turned on.
  • The automate will help reduce mold in the air you breathe even if your car's A/C system is contaminated.
  • Please do not use this product in conjunction with the Hygenaire or CitriSafe Refills because they cancel each other and are not effective in the same area.

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Tech Data

Research has shown that mold is the primary cause of Chronic Sinusitis. The Automate Ionic Air Purifier is part of a Mold Reduction Protocol developed by Dr. Donald P. Dennis, M.D.


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