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BedCare Inner Liner Comforter Protector

BedCare Inner Liner Comforter Protector


Dust mites are present in all bedding - even your favorite comforter. However, there's a way to protect your comforter from dust mite allergen. Our BedCare Inner Liner Comforter Protector is made of super lightweight SofTEK fabric and is ultra breathable.
5-Year Warranty.

While most sewing manufacturers are going "off shore", all of our fabric dust mite protector encasings are made in the USA. Each and every dust mite cover is hand inspected to maintain top quality. Skilled American craftsmen know that the care they take in making each zippered mite proof mattress cover is important to your health, and they take their work very seriously. The BedCare Elegance comforter protector is made to last a lifetime.

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Product Notes:

  • This is the perfect mite-proof inner liner comforter protector for use under your decorative duvet cover.
  • SofTEK is a high-tech, non-woven fabric made by heat bonding three layers of 100% polypropylene material together.
  • This process gives the fabric a soft feel while letting the material breathe as well as a regular cotton sheet. The full length zipper is of premium quality and the seams are reinforced.
  • Inner liner comforter protector available in white only.

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BedCare Comforter Inner Liners are designed to be virtually maintenance-free; just vacuum monthly or hand wash in COLD water using an anti-allergen laundry detergent or laundry additive for allergy sufferers and air dry if absolutely necessary.

Click here for complete care instructions for all BedCare fabrics.

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*Bed Bugs

Best Steps for Bed Bug Control:

You may already have bed bugs and are working to eliminate the infestation or you may be working to prevent a bed bug infestation. Either way, BedCare mattress and box spring encasings, pillow encasings, and protective covers with the BugShield System should be part of your plan.

The BugShield Two-Part System

The BugShield Zipper-Lock is an auto-locking zipper that locks the zipper slide in place so that it will NOT backtrack to leave small openings that bed bugs could get through. The zipper cannot accidentally open; to open the zipper, the zipper tab must be pulled.

The BugShield Bug Blocker is an added barrier that closes the last inch or so of the zipper from below to create a fabric shield under the zipper closure to doubly ensure that bed bugs will not be able to get in or out of the encasing.

By covering your bedding with zippered bed-bug-proof covers, you are protecting the investment you have made in your mattress and box spring, pillows, and comforter because you will not need to dispose of them due to bed bugs.

All 6 of our BedCare encasing fabrics (Elegance, Ultra, Supreme, Classic, Economy, & SofTEK) have been tested by an independent lab and the data show that bed bugs can not pass through these fabrics, can not bite through these fabrics, and eggs can not pass through these fabrics or zippers. Therefore bed bugs outside the encasing can not get through to your mattress and box spring to hide or lay eggs, and any bed bugs inside the encasing can not get out to re-infest your home.

NOTE: Zippered bed-bug-proof covers cannot protect you from bed bugs hiding in other areas of your bedroom or home such as behind headboards or inside wall sockets. For complete elimination, you will need to contact a pest extermination specialist who understands how to rid your home of bed bugs.

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  • Rating Comment 8 Ratings rate this product
  •   Mattie - 11/26/13 17:32 pm This product is awful. I have bought multiple duvet covers from National Allergy, and liked them all, until this one. It's uncomfortably stiff. It pulls on the comforter. I'd rather deal with my allergies.

    This user has owned this product for: less than a month
  •   Melissa - 2/10/13 13:47 pm We bought 2 - one for queen and one for king. With clips the queen is fine although I suspect may get hot in the summer. The king is awful - the cover is too stiff and stands off the comforter. It detaches from the clips. I will be returning at least the king and may look at skipping the inner liner idea to go with a cover.

    This user has owned this product for: 1 to 6 months
  •   Liza - 8/9/12 23:08 pm Read the details carefully before making your choice. This product is economical - much less expensive than alternatives - but it is stiff and is not intended to be laundered often but to be vacuumed. Good value if you can live with that. Definitely intended to have a duvet cover over it.

    This user has owned this product for: less than a month
  •   Angela - 6/13/12 19:23 pm This product saved me from having to sacrifice my amazing [$] down comforter that I love. It's light and doesn't add a lot of weight to my bedding and all you have to do to solve the problem of it getting balled up is purchase some of the plastic comforter covers and USE them. Problem solved. I've had one for over 4 years and it has been a life-saver! I highly recommend it.

    This user has owned this product for: over 3 years
  •   jennifer - 5/1/12 10:38 am I'm thinking I should have read the reviews before purchasing this product. I have to agree with almost everyone else when they say your comforter gets balled up inside the allergy cover and then more balled up inside your duvet. It is very complicated to unravel it all and it makes my husband crazy. If you do not turn a lot in your sleep you should be fine but if you turn over at all it will most likely bunch up. That said, I'm still glad I purchased it for the dust mite allergy aspect. It is kind of annoying though.

    This user has owned this product for: 1 to 6 months
  •   Ruth - 9/1/11 21:15 pm I would not have ordered this product if I had known it says not to wash it!!

    This user has owned this product for: less than a month
  •   Ling - 3/21/10 20:50 pm I was a little worried this cover would be crinkly or noticeable, but after a few days, I think it softened and I don't notice it at all. It's not really plasticy, and it's so much cheaper than buying brand new hypoallergenic comforters and I can use my old duvet covers.

    This user has owned this product for: 1 to 6 months
  •   Ari - 10/12/09 14:43 pm The case was a great alternative to buying a whole new, expensive, not -so-pretty allergy-free comforter. We just covered up her old comforter with it (after washing the comforter) and bought a couple of fun, cotton duvet covers. She likes her bedding and it won't make her sick. A win-win for all!

    This user has owned this product for: 1 to 3 years


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