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Pari Adult Aerosol Mask

Pari Adult Aerosol Mask

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PARI Adult Aerosol Mask fits all PARI LC nebulizers, plus the PARI Vios (Adult and PRO) and Trek S aerosol delivery systems, and older PRONEB Ultra II compressor nebulizer system. Also compatible with non-PARI "bottom-loaded" nebulizers using included elbow adapter.

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Works with Models:  PARI Vios® Adult Models: 310F35-LCS, 310F35-LSD, 310F81-LCD and 310F83-LC+. PARI Vios® PRO Models: 312F35-LCS and 312F83-LC+. PARI Trek® S Portable Models: 047F10-LCS, 047F35-LCS and 047F45-LCS. PARI PRONEB® Ultra II Models: 086F35-LCS, 086F35-LCSD, 086F81-LCD and 086F83-LC+. PARI LC® Sprint Nebulizer - Part # 023F35. PARI LC® Plus Nebulizer - Part # 022F81. PARI LC® Star Nebulizer - Part # 022F51.

This product provides relief from: Asthma

PARI LC® Adult Aerosol Mask - Part # 044F7252, makes treatments more comfortable for those unable to use a mouthpiece or those who prefer using a mask when taking respiratory treatments with a nebulizer. Made of soft PVC material, the adult mask will fit a wide variety of facial types. The mask features a front-loaded design that directs medication towards the patient's mouth. Exhalations are directed to the unique Pro-Vent™ cutout, optimally located to allow better delivery of medication to the lungs and dramatically reduce the deposition of aerosol onto the patient’s face and eyes. Compatible with PARI LC® Reusable Nebulizers (LC Sprint, LC Plus, and LC Star).  Package contains one (1) PARI LC® Adult Mask.


  • Soft, flexible PARI adult mask is comfortable on the face
  • Detachable elastic strap for increased stability during treatments
  • Front-loaded design directs aerosol toward the mouth with minimal waste
  • Strategically placed Pro-Vent™ technology delivers more medication, while minimizing facial and eye deposition
  • Fits PARI LC® Reusable Nebulizers:
    • PARI LC® Sprint Nebulizer - Part # 023F35
    • PARI LC® Plus Nebulizer - Part # 022F81
    • PARI LC® Star Nebulizer - Part # 022F51
  • Also compatible with non-PARI "bottom-loaded" nebulizers using the included elbow adapter
  • Also fits PARI Aerosol Delivery and Compressor Nebulizer Systems:
    • PARI Vios® Adult Models:  310F35-LCS, 310F35-LSD, 310F81-LCD and 310F83-LC+
    • PARI Vios® PRO Models:  312F35-LCS and 312F83-LC+
    • PARI Trek® S Portable Models:  047F10-LCS, 047F35-LCS and 047F45-LCS
    • PRONEB® Ultra II Models:  086F35-LCS, 086F35-LCSD, 086F81-LCD and 086F83-LC+

Directions for Use:

Please see the Owner's Manual tab for instructions on the PARI LC® Adult Aerosol Mask, including how to attach to a PARI LC® Reusable Nebulizer.


  • The mask comes with an elastic strap for increased stability during treatments. If this is not needed, simply remove and store in a safe place.

  • Wash the mask with warm water and liquid dish soap after each use. Rinse thoroughly, then allow to dry on a clean, lint-free cloth and store.

  • Do NOT place mask in dishwasher or autoclave.

Reimbursement Information:

Below, for your convenience, please find PARI Part #s, Descriptions, NDC and HCPCS Code(s). For information about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, please visit For information about reimbursement from private health plans, please contact your health insurer or plan administrator.

Part # Description NDC HCPCS Code(s)
044F7252 Adult Aerosol Mask 83490-0440-79 A7015

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