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Omron Adult Mask #9920

Omron Adult Mask #9920

SKU: 77-9920

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The Omron 9920 Adult Mask helps patients comfortably and efficiently take their nebulizer treatments. Soft PVC material is non irritating. Bottom-loaded design with air vents provides easy breathing. Works with many Omron aerosol delivery systems (models listed below). Lasts for approximately 3 months.  One (1) mask per package.

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Works with Models:   Omron NE-C16 (European model called the Omron CX3), NE-C18 CompAir XL, NE-C24 CompAir, NE-C25 CompAir XLT, NE-C28 CompAir NE-C29 CompAir Pro, NE-C30 CompAir Elite, NE-C801 CompAir Compact, and NE-U22V MicroAir Handheld Nebulizer

This product provides relief from: Asthma

Omron Adult Mask ‐ Part #9920, makes nebulizer treatments more comfortable for those unable to use a mouthpiece or for those who prefer using a mask. Fits Omron nebulizers and compressor nebulizers (models listed below). Made of a soft PVC material, the Omron adult mask fits a wide variety of facial types, and features a bottom-loaded design that attaches directly to the nebulizer. It also comes with a nose grip for a secure fit, and a detachable comfort strap, which helps to keep the mask stabilized during treatments. Openings in the mask provide for unrestrained breathing. Replace mask approximately every 3 months.  Package contains one (1) Omron Adult Mask.


  • Soft, flexible Omron Adult Mask (PVC) is comfortable on the face
  • Bottom-loaded design attaches directly to nebulizer without the need of an adapter
  • Detachable elastic strap provides stability during treatments
  • Nose grip helps obtain a secure fit
  • Replace every 3 months
  • Fits Omron Nebulizers or Compressor Nebulizers:
    • NE-C16 (European model called the Omron CX3)
    • NE-C18 CompAir XL
    • NE-C24 CompAir
    • NE-C25 CompAir XLT
    • NE-C28 CompAir
    • NE-C29 CompAir Pro
    • NE-C30 CompAir Elite
    • NE-C801 CompAir Compact
    • NE-U22V MicroAir Handheld Nebulizer

Directions for Use:

Please see the Owner's Manual tab for instruction manuals on Omron nebulizers and compressor nebulizers that use or optionally use the Omron Adult Mask #9920, including instructions on how to attach the mask to the nebulizer, plus use and care instructions.


  • No adapter is required to connect the mask to the nebulizer – it attaches directly to the top of the nebulizer kit.
  • The mask comes with an elastic strap for increased stability during treatments. If this is not needed, simply remove and store in a safe place.


  • Clean and disinfect the mask according to the manufacturer's instructions before using it for the first time after purchase.
  • If the mask has not been used for a long time, clean and disinfect it prior to use.
  • Wash the mask with warm water and liquid dish soap after each use. Rinse thoroughly, then allow to dry on a clean, lint-free cloth before storing or reusing.
  • Do NOT place mask in dishwasher or autoclave.

Reimbursement Information:

Below, for your convenience, please find the Omron Part #, Description, and HCPCS Code(s). For information about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, please visit For information about reimbursement from private health plans, please contact your health insurer or plan administrator.

Part # Description HCPCS Code
9920 Adult Aerosol Mask A7015

The Omron Adult Mask #9920 can be used with several of Omron's nebulizers and compressor nebulizer systems. Please click on a link below for the Owner's Manual associated with each of the systems where this applies.


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February 19
great fit for my face size - works well.
April 4
replacement mask was what we needed. works fine.
February 10
Mask truly helps in providing solid mouth / nose coverage.

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