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ODRX Gallon Refill Bottle

ODRX Gallon Refill Bottle

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Allersearch ODRX Odor Eliminator eliminates tough odors at their source.

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This product provides relief from: Fragrances & Odors

ODRX™ Odor Eliminator from Allersearch® removes tough odors at their source. ODRX's unique formulation does not mask odors with added perfumes or fragrances like so many other products do. ODRX continues to work with lasting residual effect to prevent odors from returning. This odor eliminator can safely be used in the air and on water-safe surfaces to remove odors caused by pets, cooking, waste, smoke, decay, food, and more.

ODRX economical 1-gallon refill bottle covers about 2400 square feet, so great for larger areas or repeat applications. Also comes in a convenient 32-oz spray bottle that covers approximately 600 square feet (sold separately).


  • Eliminates household, food, pet, smoke, and other odors at their source
  • Does not mask odors with fragrances – it destroys them
  • Spray into air to deodorize or onto any water-safe surface
  • Works quickly, with lasting effect
  • Equally effective for residential or commercial use
  • Ready-to-use, gallon refill treats about 2400 sq ft
  • Made in USA

Use ODRX To Eliminate Odors from:

Sports Equipment, Garbage Cans, Diaper Pails, Litter Boxes, Pet Beds, Laundry, Bathrooms, Furniture, Carpeting, Basements, Attics, Closets, Sports Bags, Locker Rooms, Boats, Campers, Automobiles, Kennels, and much more!


Sorbitan oleate in chloride complex solution and sodium bicarbonate.


Click here to see the MSDS for Allersearch ODRX.

ODRX Odor Eliminator has many uses:

  • To use as a room deodorizer, spray towards the ceiling of a room
  • Can also be sprayed directly onto fabric and water-safe surfaces
  • Use in solution form to wipe down surfaces
  • Add to loads of laundry or pre-treat items as needed
  • Add 4 ozs to empty dishwasher and run to clean and deodorize

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