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NasalCare Nasal Irrigation Kit

NasalCare Nasal Irrigation Kit

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The NasalCare Nasal Irrigation system quickly alleviates symptoms associated with flu, colds, sinusitis, allergy and post nasal drip. The NasalCare kit includes the unique NasalCare irrigation bottle and 50 packets of the pre-mix. Additional pre-mix packets are available separately.

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This product provides relief from: Sinus Trouble

NasalCare® Nasal Irrigation Kit includes everything you need to flush away viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollens, animal dander, and harmful dusts, all of which lie at the root of sinus issues, allergies and disease. The quality and unique design of NasalCare's irrigator, together with its mineral-rich, all natural, nasal rinse mix, make NasalCare® by Dr. Natural Healing one to consider for improving the health of your sinuses through nasal irrigation.

Included in the kit are the NasalCare® Nasal Irrigator, a patented irrigation bottle that employs a pair of one-way air and liquid valves to prevent back flow and allow the bottle to empty completely into your nasal passages. Also included are 50 NasalCare Mix Packets for making nasal rinse solution with sterile water. The pH-balanced pre-mix features sea salt and healthful Aloe Vera extract. The NasalCare NasalCleanse kit comfortably cleanses, moisturizes and soothes, protecting your sinuses and alleviating symptoms associated with flu, colds, rhinitis, sinusitis, allergies and post nasal drip.


  • Patented, FDA-registered irrigation system reduces mucosal swelling and improves cilia function
  • NasalCare irrigation bottle (1 included):
    • Empties completely without squeezing
    • Features a two-valve system that:
      • allows bottle to fully empty
      • prevents back flow contamination of bottle and possible sinus re-infection
    • Allows you to hold your head in a comfortable upright position
    • Can be used in conjunction with medications
    • Wide mouth makes it easy to add solution
    • Protective cap keeps out bacteria and debris when not in use
  • NasalCare pre-mix rinse packets (50 included):
    • Use all-natural ingredients, including sea salt and aloe vera extract
    • Each packet makes 8 fl oz (240 ml) of rinse solution
    • pH-balanced formulation is pleasant and soothing, with no stinging or burning
    • Anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial
  • Kit comes with complete instructions

Additional NasalCare Rinse Mix Packets sold separately.

Please Note:

It is recommended that sterile, distilled, filtered (0.2 micron filter) or previously boiled water (cooled to lukewarm, room or body temperature) be used in irrigation devices to prevent the introduction of impurities into the nasal and sinus passages.


Sea Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Scid, Sodium Citrate, Aloe Vera extract.

Directions for Use:

Please see Owner's Manual tab for complete Use & Care Instructions.


  • NasalCare rinse is easy to prepare. When mixed with lukewarm, distilled, previously boiled, sterile or filtered (0.2 micron filter) water, each NasalCleanse Premium Pre-Mix packet makes 8 fl oz (240 ml) of saline rinse solution.
  • To clean the NasalCare irrigator bottle, simply wash with soapy water after each use.
  • Safe for children over 5 years old, unless otherwise directed by a physician.

Click here to view Use & Care Instructions for NasalCare® NasalCleanse.


Rated 4.70 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

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The squeeze bottle with the nasal application of the NasalCare product works differently than the netti pot (which I've used for years, but it is messy). The design of the NasalCare alllows for easier application, which makes it good for travel, to take to work, etc., and the mix is gentle. However, the one negative I have is that I wish it were better made. I think the quality is poor, considering the durable material of the netti pot I have. I don't know how long the NasalCare bottle cap will last. The first one was defective after only using it 4 times, and a piece of plastic from the inside cap broke off which prevented its use to pump the nasal solution. National Allergy replaced it immediately without my having to return the defective one, so I was very grateful for their good customer care. So, so far so good with the replacement.
After years of suffering from allergies (dreaded rag weed) and trying numerous different OTC and pharma products, NasalCare has finally brought me the relief I needed. NasalCare's nasal irrigation system is by far the best on the market. It's dual valve anti back-wash technology keeps the solution pure within the bottle so that the solution flowing through the nose is pure of contamination. In the past I had trouble using the regular saline packets that other irrigators use. The Nasalcare all-natural Mix Packets use mineral rich sea salt, soothing aloe vera and is pH-balanced with citric acid sodium bicarbonate. By far, NasalCare is the best on the market! I would recommend to all. I also bought NasalCare for kids as well for my nephew. He loves it!
After going years with my nose half stopped up this stuff works wonderful. I'm now able to breath freely. Thanks National Allergy for all of your help with so many things.

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