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Miele HEPA Filter for Stick Vacuums (H10)

Miele HEPA Filter for Stick Vacuums (H10)

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Miele HEPA Filter for Stick Vacuums (H10) is an optional HEPA filter replacement for the AirClean (SAC 10) filter that comes standard with Miele S140‒S195 stick vacuums (models listed below).  One (1) filter per package.

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Works with Models:   Miele Sticks/Mini‐Uprights S143, S147, S148, S163, S168, and S194

Miele HEPA Filter (H10) for Stick Vacuums is an optional filter replacement for the standard AirClean filter that comes provided with Miele S140‒S195 stick vacuums (models listed below). The HEPA Filter (H10) captures and retains 99.99+% of dust particles and allergens from the vacuum's exhaust air. Miele stick and mini‐upright vacuums that are optionally equipped with the HEPA H10 filter are far better for asthma and allergy sufferers than the standard AirClean filter.

While the AirClean filter removes a respectable 99.95% of particles to 0.5 micron, and 94% to 0.3 micron, the HEPA's increased ability to capture smaller particles with higher efficiency is recommended where removal of allergens and contaminants is a concern. Miele vacuums equipped with high‐efficiency HEPA filters provide the best filtration for the cleanest air. Replace once a year, depending on use.  Box contains one (1) Miele HEPA Filter (H10).

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  • Optional HEPA filter for Miele stick vacuums (also known as "mini-uprights" or "universal uprights")
  • Use in place of the AirClean filter (SAC 10) that comes standard with stick vacuums
  • HEPA filtration is doctor recommended for reducing allergens in the home
  • Removes 99.99+% of particles from vacuum's exhaust air, including dust mites, pollens and other allergens
  • Replace approximately once a year
  • One (1) filter per package
  • HEPA filter (H10) fits Miele S140‒S195 stick vacuums, including:
    • S143 Little Giant
    • S147 Little Giant
    • S148 Little Giant
    • S163 Universal Upright
    • S168 Universal Upright
    • S194 Quickstep

Please click on a link below to view the Owner's Manual for the Miele stick upright in which the Miele HEPA Filter (H10) can be used.

Note: Miele Stick Vacuums are sometimes referred to as "Mini-Uprights" or "Universal Uprights."

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