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Seasonal Allergy Calendar

Seasonal Calendar For A Healthier You In 2010
How To Maintain Indoor Air Quality when your house is shut up tight to conserve energy. Filter the air to remove irritating airborne particles.

  • Change your allergen reduction furnace filter if you are using a high efficiency brand like Filtrete.
  • Change pre-filters and HEPA filters in your room HEPA air purifier.
  • Cover heating vents to capture particles blown through ductwork.
How To Overcome Dry Indoor Aircaused by lower humidity and your heating system leading to:

  • Uncomfortably dry nasal and sinus passages,
  • miserable winter body itch,
  • and painfully red, cracked hands.
Compensate for less moisture in the air during cold months.

How To Keep Cold Air from becoming a trigger for asthma symptoms. When you can't avoid being outdoors, especially if you have cold-induced asthma, wear a mask designed to warm the air you breathe.
How To Control Pet Dander while it's too cold outside for a bath. Use pet wipes and a pet moisturizer to reduce dander.

How To Avoid Spring Pollen both indoors and outdoors. Filter Indoor Air - Time to change the furnace filter and replace pre-filters in room air purifiers.Avoid Outdoor Air - Keep windows closed in your home or use a window filter. Keep windows up in your vehicle and have the air conditioning filter checked.Wear a mask when you have to be outside or think you have to get those flowers planted.
How To Make Spring Cleaning Safer for you and the environment. Vacuum with a HEPA vacuum so pollen and other particles are caught in the vacuum's filter instead of flying up every time you walk across the carpet.Dust with tools designed for the job.Choose cleaning products with the least amount of chemicals possible to get the job done.
How To Reduce Pet Dander now that the weather is warmer. Give your pet a weekly bath with an allergy shampoo.


How To Eliminate Mold indoors and outdoors during hot, humid weather. Check for leaks and water marks that can lead to mold and take care of the source.Remove visible mold indoors with a safe cleaning product.Green algae and black mold on outdoor surfaces should also be removed with a safe cleaner.
How To Prevent The Return Of Moldduring summer, the peak mold-growing season. Control humidity in these ways:

  • Use a humidity gauge to see if the indoor relative humidity is where it should be - below 45%.
  • If it is over that, consider a dehumidifier to pull excess moisture from the air.

Apply a protective coating to areas prone to mold such as showers, tubs, refrigerator and dishwasher door seals, and in basements or crawl spaces.

How To Breathe Cleaner Air when outdoor air pollution is high. Time to change the furnace filter and replace pre-filters in room air purifiers.Wear a mask when you cut the grass, go to the kids' sports events, and do other outside activities.
How To Protect Your Skin from the blazing summer sun. Use sunscreen that shields your skin from UVA and UVB rays without risky chemicals.When you forget the sunscreen and your skin is burned, choose a lotion that will hold your skin's moisture in and promote healing.
How To Take A Vacation without stirring up allergy symptoms. Take along a small air cleaner for car and hotel.If you have dust mite allergy, pack travel covers for the mattress and pillows.


How To Avoid Fall Pollen including prevalent tree and weed pollens like the dreaded ragweed. Filter Indoor Air - Time to change the furnace filter and replace pre-filters in room air purifiers.Avoid Outdoor Air - Keep windows closed in your home or use a window filter to keep fall pollen out.Wear a mask when you rake leaves because mold may be lurking under the top layer.
How To Get Ready For School with allergies in mind. Give your child's school and teacher a list of food allergies and be as detailed as possible about what to do.Often eczema goes hand in hand with food allergies. If your child has a food-allergy-related skin condition, pick a cream or lotion that will stop the itch-scratch cycle preferably without steroids.
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