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Chemical Sensitivity

Learn how to avoid harsh chemicals at home.

  • VOC - Volatile Organic Compound

    VOC's are in your home and can affect your health, but you may not even be aware of them. Learning to identify and avoid these hidden dangers is a step in the right direction toward having a healthier home. Continue reading

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  • Avoiding Harsh Chemicals At Home


    Part 1: Ways & Benefits Of Avoiding Harsh Chemicals At Home

    Why Should I Be Concerned About Chemicals?
    When exposed to certain chemicals or compounds, many of our chemically sensitive customers experience allergic reactions similar to those that dust-mite allergy sufferers experience. Chemical exposure can aggravate eczema and cause asthma flare-ups for those who are particularly sensitive. In fact, there are millions of chemically sensitive Americans and millions more of us who are concerned about the negative health and environmental impact chemicals can have. Continue reading

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