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Inspiration 626 & Elite and Mister Neb Repl Air Filters - 4-Pack

Inspiration 626 & Elite and Mister Neb Repl Air Filters - 4-Pack

SKU: 710-2120

Genuine Respironics Replacement Air Filters (#929-4) fit Inspiration 626, Inspiration Elite and Mister Neb compressor nebulizer systems. Filters must be changed regularly for optimum benefit from the compressor.  Each filter lasts for up to 30 days.

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Works with Models:  Inspiration models: 626, 626-10 and 626EU. Inspiration Elite models: H454, HS456, HS45640, HS457, HS458 and HS500-PED. MisterNeb model: HS123.

This product provides relief from: Asthma

Genuine Respironics Replacement Air Filter, 4-Pack (Part # 929-4), to replace the air filter that comes in selected Respironics Inspiration, Inspiration Elite and MisterNeb Compressor Nebulizer systems (models listed below). The air filter keeps dust and dirt out of the compressor to keep the unit performing at its best. Cylinder-type filter is simple to remove and replace, with no tools or disassembly required. Change filter every 30 days, or when filter turns grey or gets wet.  Package contains four (4) Respironics Air Filters (white).


  • Air filter keeps your Respironics compressor functioning well and performing reliably
  • White cylindrical filter traps dust and particles that might otherwise get inside the compressor
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Replace filter every 30 days
  • Fits Respironics Compressor Nebulizer Systems:
    • Inspiration Models:  626, 626-10 and 626EU
    • Inspiration Elite Models:  H454, HS456, HS45640, HS457, HS458 and HS500-PED
    • MisterNeb Model:  HS123


Please see the Owner's Manual tab for a manual on your Respironics Compressor Nebulizer System, including information and instructions on the air filter.

Filter Replacement:

  • The Respironics Air Filter is designed to keep dust and other particles out of the Respironics compressor. Over time, it will turn a greyish color and require replacement. Check the filter regularly, and replace if discolored. Replace at least every 30 days.

  • Never operate the device without the air filter.

  • Never wash or reuse the air filter, and replace immediately if it gets wet or clogged.

Reimbursement Information:

Below, for your convenience, please find the Respironics Part #, Description, and NDC and HCPCS Codes for this item. For information about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, please visit For information about reimbursement from private health plans, please contact your health insurer or plan administrator.

Part # Description NDC Code HCPCS Code(s)
929-4 Disposable Compressor Filter (4 pk) 08373-0929-04 A7013

Please click on a link below to view the Owner's Manual for the Respironics Compressor Nebulizer System that uses Respironics Replacement Air Filter - Part # 929-4.

We apologize. While the Genuine Respironics Replacement Air Filter - Part # 929-4 can also be used in the following Respironics Compressor Nebulizer systems, we do not have Owners' Manuals for the Inspiration 626 models, the Inspiration Elite HS454, HS45640 and HS500-PED models, or the MisterNeb HS123 model.


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February 18
Just what I needed, at a fair price and they got it to me very quickly.
fit just fine.
Durable compressor. Sidestream nebulizers are great and make treatments fast and efficient. The filters easy to get to and change.
Easy to use and provides fast adequate relief
Filters are easy to change and the nebulizer cup makes treatments effective and efficient!