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About National Allergy:

Since 1988, our allergy products have helped many people find allergy relief, asthma relief, sinus relief, & skin relief that stem from the inhalation of dust mite allergy, pollen allergy, mold allergy, and cat allergy, to name a few. That's because the reduction of airborne contaminants is the number one method of relieving allergy symptoms. This is called Allergen Avoidance through Environmental Control and it can bring you significant allergy relief.

Thousands of doctors from around the country believe that allergen avoidance relieves symptoms and have instructed their patients to use our products. National Allergy Supply® is a leader in providing these non-drug, allergy relief products, which can also help with the control of asthma and sinus problems since airborne allergy triggers can be a contributing factor. And best of all, our allergy supplies are satisfaction guaranteed and sold at competitive prices to relieve you even more!

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