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Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter

Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter

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Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter by I Can Breathe® is a lightweight mask that filters 95.5% of irritating dust, allergens, smoke, odors and fumes. Ear loops and nose grip adjust for comfortable fit. Outer shell is washable and reusable. Latex free.  Single mask with carbon filter.

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Works with Models:   Honeycomb Masks by I Can Breathe!®

This product provides relief from: Asthma, Dust Allergies, Dust Mites, Fragrances & Odors, Mold & Mildew, Pet Dander, Pollen

Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter by I Can Breathe® is the perfect all-around mask for an inexpensive solution to healthier breathing. The mask holds a disposable activated carbon filter to absorb noxious fumes, odors, pollutants and irritants, as well as the particles that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. The mask's well contoured design seals nicely around the face, and its adjustable ear loops and nose grip provide a personalized fit. The mask can be worn comfortably with eyeglasses, goggles or helmet. Travelers also love using the Honeycomb Mask in car or plane to stop illness and earaches before they start! The outer mesh-like, outer shell is washable to keep it clean. And, the Honeycomb mask easily tucks away in pocket or purse. Latex free to be non-irritating for allergy sufferers.

Package contains one (1) Honeycomb Mask and one (1) Carbon Filter (Classic style).  Additional Carbon Filters available in economical replacement packs (sold separately).


  • Feather-light face mask reduces exposure to smoke, dust, fumes, fragrances, pollutants, mold, and other allergens
  • Comes with disposable Coconut Activated Carbon Filter ∗
  • Mask's lightweight styling travels easily in pocket or purse
  • Can be worn with eyeglasses, goggles or helmet
  • Carbon filter is cost effective for long-term use
  • Adjustable ear loops and nose wire
  • Fits comfortably for long wear
  • Suitable for all facial types
  • Washable (outer shell)
  • Made in USA
  • Latex free
Note: The disposable carbon filter contains activated carbon from coconut shell. Those allergic to coconut oil or food should check with their allergist first before using this mask.

Materials Used

  • Honeycomb Mask
    • Nylon and/or polyester shell
    • Hard plastic (for nosepiece)
    • Latex-free elastic

  • Carbon Filter
    • Contains activated carbon from coconut shell

Care Instructions

  • The outer shell of the Honeycomb Mask is hand washable to keep it clean for years to come.

  • Do NOT wash the carbon filter. Remove the carbon filter before laundering the mask.

  • The Honeycomb Mask was designed not to require frequent washing. However, if you are exposed to virus or bacteria while wearing the mask:
    • Remove the mask.
    • Remove the carbon filter and discard it in a sealed trash bag.
    • Soak the mask in peroxide, then wash with hot water.
    • Wash hands frequently.

Carbon Filter Replacement

  • How long the carbon filter lasts is really a matter of your sensitivities, your usage and the environment.

  • Because carbon absorbs odors you will know it is "full" and ready to be changed if breathing becomes difficult or when you detect odors while wearing the mask.

  • Replacement carbon filters (Classic style) are available from National Allergy in an economical 2-pack or 10-pack.

Important Notes

  • The Honeycomb Mask should not be worn near a flame or fire.

  • The Carbon Filter does not replace industrial strength respirators and is not intended for occupational exposure.
  1. This mask helps keep me out the ER. Review by Patricia

    I have been using this type of mask for years, I have to wear it anytime I go out of my house. Vocal cord dysfunction occurs when I am around smells, for example going to the store and the cashier or person next to me in line has on perfume. My vocal cords close and I am unable to get air in. The mask does wear out fast but using it is the only way I would be able to leave my home. I like to be able to go out and do things that normal people do. Shop for food, see my nieces and additional family, this mask helps keep me out the ER. Thanks! (Posted on 3/12/12)

  2. Best I have found. Review by Janet

    Best I have found so far but wish it lasted longer. (Posted on 9/5/11)

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