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Replacement Vacuum Bags

Genuine Nilfisk Replacement Vacuum Bags #81620000

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Genuine Nilfisk Replacement Vacuum Bags #81620000 work with the Nilfisk GD 90C and GS 90/GM 90 consumer vacuums, plus selected Nilfisk professional and industrial vacuums (models listed below).  Box of five (5) Nilfisk Vacuum Bags.

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Works with Models:
Nilfisk Consumer models:  GD 90C and GS 90/GM 90
Nilfisk Cleanroom models:  GM 80CR, IVT 1000CR, and IVT 1000CR Safe‐Pak
Nilfisk Professional and Industrial models:  Compact Vac, GM80, GM 80i, GM 80P, SS Mercury, and SS Vapor

Genuine Nilfisk Replacement Vacuum Bags, Part #81620000 ‐ 5‐Pack, work with selected Nilfisk consumer, professional, and industrial vacuum cleaners (models listed below). The larger capacity 1.6‐gallon (6.5 liters) 2‐ply disposable paper dustbag keeps dirt and dust in the bag – a bonus for allergy sufferers.  Package contains five (5) Nilfisk Vacuum Bags.


  • Genuine Nilfisk vacuum bag #81620000
  • Larger 1.6‐gallon (6.5 L) capacity holds more for less bag changes
  • 2-ply, self-locating disposable dust bags ensure consistent suction efficiency
  • Replace bag when full¹ or when suction efficiency declines
  • 5 bags per package
  • Fits Nilfisk vacuum cleaners:
    • Consumer models:  GD 90C, GS 90/GM 90
    • Cleanroom models:  GM 80CR, IVT 1000CR,² and IVT 1000CR Safe‐Pak
    • Professional and Industrial models:  Compact Vac, GM 80, GM 80i, GM 80P, SS Mercury¹ and SS Vapor¹


¹ When used in the SS Mercury or SS Vapor Vacuums (which are designed in part to collect hazardous dust), the Nilfisk #81620000 disposable paper dustbag should be replaced when approximately one‐third (1/3) full, and disposed in a sealed plastic bag. Do not attempt to reuse the disposable paper bag.
² When used in the IVT 1000CR Cleanroom Vacuum, the Nilfisk #81620000 disposable paper dustbag is for the collection of non‐hazardous dust only. When using this vacuum for hazardous dust collection, please contact Nilfisk directly for a #02171000 Dust Safe bag (or a "safe bag" suitable for hazardous dust class "H").


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