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Genuine Electrolux EL012W  Washable HEPA Filter

Genuine Electrolux EL012W Washable HEPA Filter

SKU: 750-0012W

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Genuine Electrolux EL012W Washable HEPA Filter fits a variety of Electrolux canister and upright vacuums (models listed below). Because it is washable, this long-lasting HEPA also saves on costly filter replacements. Replace when visibly worn or damaged.  One (1) HEPA filter per package.

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Works with Models:
Electrolux Canister or Upright Vacuums EL4040A, EL4042A, EL4050B, EL4100A, EL4101A, EL4200A, EL4300A, EL4300B, EL4305AZ, EL4307A, EL4325A, EL4326A, EL4650A, EL6984A, EL6986A, EL6988EZX, EL7060A, EL7061A, EL7061B, EL7062A, EL7063A, EL7066A, EL7070A, EL8501F, and EL8502F

Genuine Electrolux Washable s‐filter® HEPA Filter ‐ Part # EL012W, fits a variety of Electrolux canister and upright vacuum cleaners (models listed below). This high‐performing filter assures particles do not get released back into the air as you clean, which can irritate allergies and require more frequent cleaning. The filter traps 99.5% of dust, allergens and other indoor pollutants, leaving surfaces cleaner, and you with less irritants and more time to enjoy. Because it is washable, this long‐lasting HEPA filter also saves on costly filter replacements. Replace filter if it becomes visibly worn or damaged.

Package contains one (1) Electrolux Washable s‐filter® HEPA Filter (EL012W). The Electrolux s‐filter® HEPA filter also comes in a disposable style (part #EL012B), which lasts 3‐6 months, depending on use (sold separately).

Electrolux products are subject to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).


  • Genuine Electrolux Washable s‐filter® HEPA Filter, part #EL012W
  • Replaces Electrolux part numbers EL013W and H13
  • Captures 99.5% of dust, dust mite allergen, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, and other sub‐micron particles
  • HEPA filtration is doctor recommended for reducing allergens in the home
  • Replace filter if worn or damaged
  • One (1) filter per package
  • Fits Electrolux canister or upright vacuum cleaner models:
    • EL4040A JetMaxx®
    • EL4042A JetMaxx®
    • EL4050B Versatility
    • EL4100A Ergospace®
    • EL4101A Ergospace® Green
    • EL4103A Ergospace®
    • EL4200A Maximus®
    • EL4300A UltraActive™
    • EL4300B UltraActive™ DeepClean
    • EL4305AZ UltraActive™ DeepClean
    • EL4307A UltraActive™ DeepClean
    • EL4325A UltraActive™ Turbo
    • EL4326A UltraActive™ Turbo
    • EL4650A UltraCaptic™
    • EL5010A Aptitude™
    • EL6984A UltraSilencer® Green
    • EL6985B Harmony™
    • EL6986A UltraSilencer®
    • EL6988A Oxygen® Ultra
    • EL6988EZX Oxygen®
    • EL6989A Oxygen® Ultra
    • EL7000A OXY3™
    • EL7020A Oxygen3™
    • EL7020B Oxygen3™ Ultra
    • EL7020BZ Oxygen3™ Ultra
    • EL7055A TwinClean™
    • EL7060A UltraSilencer® DeepClean
    • EL7061A UltraSilencer® DeepClean
    • EL7061B UltraSilencer® DeepClean
    • EL7062A Oxygen®
    • EL7063A UltraSilencer® DeepClean
    • EL7066A UltraSilencer® Delux
    • EL7070A UltraOne™
    • EL7080ACL UltraOne™ Classic
    • EL7083ASG UltraOne™ Signet
    • EL7085ADX UltraOne™ Deluxe
    • EL8501F Versatility
    • EL8502F Versatility


  • Please see Owner's Manual tab for full instructions on your Electrolux vacuum cleaner, including caring for and changing the HEPA filter.

Cleaning the EL012W Washable HEPA Filter:

  • The EL012W is the washable HEPA filter (in blue plastic frame).
  • Some vacuum models that come standard with a washable HEPA filter have an indicator light (like the EL6988A Oxygen Ultra), which will tell you when to wash the filter.
  • It is, however, always best to check the HEPA filter monthly, especially if you have been vacuuming fine dust or have allergy concerns.
  • Remove the filter per the instructions provided in your Owner's Manual.
  • Rinse the washable HEPA filter with lukewarm water, and tap to remove excess water. Allow to completely dry before putting it back into the machine.
  • Replace this filter if it becomes worn or damaged.
  • Note:  Never use cleaning agents to clean filter, and never put filter in dishwasher or washing machine.

Please click on a link below to view the Owner's Manual for the Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner that uses (or can use) an Electrolux Washable s‐filter® HEPA Filter #EL012W.

We apologize. While the Electrolux Washable s‐filter® HEPA Filter #EL012W also fits the following vacuum cleaners,
we do not have Owners' Manuals for the EL4050B Versatility, the EL6988EZX Oxygen or the EL7062A Oxygen.

Please click here if you do not know the model number of your Electrolux vacuum cleaner, but do know the name of the model:


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