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Genuine Electrolux s-bag™ Anti-Odour Vacuum Bags

Genuine Electrolux s-bag™ Anti-Odour Vacuum Bags

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Genuine Electrolux EL203C s-bag™ Anti-Odour vacuum bags fit a variety of Electrolux canisters (models listed below). The Anti-Odour bag keeps smells in the dustbag, and is great if you have pets.  Box contains three (3) Electrolux EL203C Vacuum Bags.

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Works with Models:
Electrolux Canister Vacuums EL4040A,EL4042A, EL4100A, EL4101A, EL4103A, EL4200A, EL6984A, EL6986A, EL6988E, EL6988EZX, EL7060A, EL7061A, EL7061B, EL7062A, EL7063A, EL7063B, EL7066A

Genuine Electrolux EL203C s‐bag™ Anti‐Odour Vacuum Bags ‐ 3‐Pack (also known as the s‐bag™ Anti‐Odor), fit a variety of Electrolux canister vacuums (models listed below). Electrolux designed the Anti‐Odor bag to deal with unpleasant smells that can build up inside vacuum bags. Ordinary paper dustbags can absorb moisture, and have no means of stopping odors from seeping through the bag. In contrast, the Anti‐Odour bag is made from a synthetic material that does not absorb moisture. A wax‐based, odor‐absorbing agent is also sprayed onto the bag's interior surface to catch odors and prevent them from escaping. Great choice when you have pets. Now, your vacuum can smell as fresh and clean as your home!  Box contains three (3) Electrolux EL203C Vacuum Bags.

Electrolux products are subject to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).


  • Genuine Electrolux s‐bag™ Anti‐Odour Vacuum Bags, part #EL203C
  • EL203C replaces Electrolux discontinued part numbers EL203, EL203A and EL203B
  • Specially designed to counter unpleasant vacuum cleaner smells
  • Unique synthetic material will not absorb odor‐producing moisture
  • Odor-absorbing agent stops any odors from exiting the bag
  • Replace bag when full (or after using carpet cleaning powder)
  • 3 bags per package
  • Fits Electrolux canister models:
    • EL4040A JetMaxx®
    • EL4040A JetMaxx
    • EL4042A JetMaxx®
    • EL4100A Ergospace Green
    • EL4101A Ergospace Green
    • EL4103A Maximus®
    • EL4200A UltraActive™
    • EL6984A UltraSilencer® Green
    • EL6986A UltraSilencer®
    • EL6988E Oxygen®
    • EL6988EZX Oxygen®
    • EL7060A UltraSilencer® DeepClean
    • EL7061A UltraSilencer® DeepClean
    • EL7061B UltraSilencer® DeepClean
    • EL7062A Oxygen®
    • EL7063A UltraSilencer® Delux
    • EL7063B UltraSilencer®Delux
    • EL7066A UltraOne™


  • Please see Owner's Manual tab for full instructions on your Electrolux vacuum cleaner, including instructions for the Electrolux s‐bag™ Dust Bag.

Changing the Electrolux s‐bag™ Anti‐Odour Dust Bag:

  • To keep your Electrolux vacuum cleaner running at peak performance the bag should be changed when full.

  • The bag must never be overfilled, as this could impair performance or even cause the machine to overheat.

  • Many models (like the Electrolux Ergospace® EL4103A) come with a bag status indicator located on the exterior of the canister. When this indicator illuminates in red, it is time to replace the bag. To check the s‐bag™ full indicator the machine must be turned on.

    Note:  The s‐bag™ full indicator may also signify the bag is blocked (occasionally caused by very fine dust), which will result in loss of suction and may cause overheating. If this occurs, change the bag even if it is not full.

  • If your model does not have a bag status indicator, then check your bag periodically to determine if it needs changing.

  • To remove the s‐bag™, lift it out by pulling the cardboard tab up. This automatically seals the s‐bag™ and prevents dust and debris from leaking out.

  • Note:  Be sure to change the s‐bag™ each time after vacuuming carpet‐cleaning powder.

Please click on a link below to view the Owner's Manual for the Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner that can use Electrolux s‐bag™ Anti‐Odor Vacuum Bags #EL203C (also known as the s‐bag™ Anti‐Odour).

We apologize. While Electrolux s‐bag™ Anti‐Odor Vacuum Bags #EL203B also fit the following vacuum cleaners,
we do not have Owners' Manuals for the EL6988EZX Oxygen or the EL7062A Oxygen.

Please click here if you do not know the model number of your Electrolux vacuum cleaner, but do know the name of the model:


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