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Enviracaire Mineral Absorption Pads 6-Pack

Enviracaire Mineral Absorption Pads 6-Pack

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Enviracaire Germ Free EMP-15P Mineral Absorption Pads help prevent mineral buildup in Vicks V790-N, Enviracaire EWM-220, Honeywell HWM-500, and most other Enviracaire and Slant/Fin Humidifiers (more details below).

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Works with Models:
Enviracaire Humidifiers:  EWM-220, EWM-300W, EWM-350
Honeywell HWM-500 Warm Moisture Humidifier
Slant/Fin Humidifiers:  GF-200, GF-200B, GF-210, GF-210W, GF-220, GF-300, GF-300W, GF-350
Vicks V790 Germ Free Humidifiers

Mineral Absorption Pads for Warm Mist Humidifiers – Warm mist humidifiers do not release fine, white mineral dust into the air like cool mist humidifiers do. Instead, the minerals remain trapped in the warm mist humidifier's hot water reservoir where, over time, they build up. Left unchecked, mineral buildup can eventually affect the performance of the humidifier, and may shorten its life. Use of a Mineral Absorption Pad placed in the bottom of the humidifier’s hot water reservoir traps and absorbs hard minerals, preventing the formation of hard scale buildup inside the unit. While the humidifier will run without a pad, more frequent cleaning will be required, especially in hard water areas.

Mineral absorption pads fit many humidifier models, including the Vicks V790 Germ Free Humidifier sold by National Allergy, the Honeywell HWM-500 Warm Moisture Humidifier, and most Slant Fin and Enviracaire humidifiers (models listed below). Pads generally last 2-4 weeks depending on the hardness of your water.  Comes in an economical 6-pack.


  • Absorbs minerals from hard water
  • Stops hard scale mineral buildup inside humidifier
  • Fits many models, including:
    • Vicks V790 Germ Free Humidifier
    • Honeywell HWM-500 Warm Moisture Humidifier
    • Fits all Enviracaire and Slant/Fin humidifiers (except the EWM-211D, GF-100 and GF-211D series), including:
      • Enviracaire models:  EWM-220, EWM-300W, EWM-350
      • Slant/Fin models:  GF-200, GF-200B, GF-210, GF-210W, GF-220, GF-300, GF-300W, GF-350
  • Available in package of 6 pads

Note:  The Vicks V790 is also known as the Vicks V790-N.

Mineral Absorption Pad Instructions:

Using mineral absorption pads plays a big role in preventing mineral buildup inside your humidifier. Although the humidifier can run without pads, it will need to be cleaned more frequently.

  • Consult your Owner's Manual for detailed instructions.
  • BEFORE starting humidifier, place a mineral absorption pad in the bottom of the hot water reservoir.
  • Pads generally last between 2-4 weeks. The harder your water, the more frequently you will need to change the pad. To determine if the pad needs to be changed, examine it AFTER the humidifier has cooled down to see if it is still soft and pliable. If it is hard and stiff, it should be replaced. Another way to tell if it's time to replace pad is when scale begins to build up on the interior of the hot water reservoir.
  • If pad appears to be disintegrating (usually due to use of "soft" water), then discontinue use of the pads.


If you have been operating your humidifier, CAUTION should be exercised when handling mineral absorption pads because the water in the reservoir will be HOT. It is best to let the unit cool down before handling the pad, and to use tweezers or long tongs when you do.

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