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DustChek Pre-Cut Vent Filters 6-Pack

DustChek Pre-Cut Vent Filters 6-Pack

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DustChek Pre-Cut Vent Filters are a simple and basic environmental control for any room. The high-grade polyester filter removes dust and other airborne matter that would otherwise come out of the ductwork through an air supply vent register.  Includes six (6) vent filters, each pre-cut to 7" x 11", plus a 30" installation strip.

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DustChek Pre-Cut Vent Filters (6 Pack) offer a simple, convenient and inexpensive means of removing dust and other airborne particles that would otherwise come out of ductwork through a room's air supply vent. House dust is loaded with invisible allergens, pollutants, and even pathogens that find their way into your living space from other areas of the home via the ductwork.

Because even high-efficiency furnace filters only catch what is circulating in your home’s air, not what is hiding in your ducting, DustChek vent filters are a low-cost solution to further help any room become an “allergy-safe zone.” These hassle-free filters have already been pre-cut to a 7" x 11" size for your convenience.  Package contains six (6) DustChek Vent Filters (7x11" each), plus 30" Velcro installation strip.

Optionally Available  (both sold separately):

  • VentGuard Vent Filtration Kit - includes a more economical 16" x 60" roll of vent filter material that you "cut-to-fit" your vent register, plus a 30" installation strip. Kit includes enough filter media for about 12 monthly filter changes (when used on a normal-sized vent)

  • 30" Velcro Installation Strip - additional installation strip is reasonably priced for extra on hand when you need it.


  • An easy, inexpensive filter for air vents that protects from particles coming through ductwork
  • High-grade, electrostatic polyester media traps dust, soot, spores, allergens, and more
  • Far better and more economical than other methods, such as cheesecloth or gauze
  • Comes with six (6) DustChek vent filters, each pre-cut to 7" x 11"
  • 30" installation strip also provided

Instructions for installing DustChek Vent Filter:

Each of the pre-cut DustChek vent filters in the package measure 7x11". These can be used as is, or if your vent register is smaller, you may prefer to trim the filter to fit.

  • To install, simply trim the vent air filter media to the size of the incoming air supply vent (vent register) that you wish to cover.
  • Cut the Velcro (30" strip included) to a size that will fit around the perimeter of the vent register.
  • Remove the adhesive backing from one side of the Velcro strip and attach to the filter media.
  • Remove adhesive backing from the other side of the Velcro strip and attach the assembled filter to the perimeter of the vent register.
  • We recommend that you only cover a few vents in your home with a vent filter, so as not to strain your forced air system.
  • If mold is a concern, you may want to consider treating the DustChek filter with our filter spray by Goodmorning, which will neutralize any mold spores that may pass through the filter media.
  1. Measure your vents. Review by Y

    DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT UNTIL YOU MEASURE YOUR VENTS FIRST. The precut are worthless as most vents are bigger than this. I contacted CS about this and rec'd unsatisfactory resolution. THIS COMPANY HAS poor CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would not order these covers from them. This was a re-order... (Posted on 2/13/14)

  2. It really helps with my allergies. Review by MELISSA

    Its amazing how much dust comes out of your vents! I didn't believe it until I started using these and within a week, you can see the covers becoming a gray color. It really helps with my allergies and my daughters. (Posted on 7/2/12)

  3. They are effective! Review by Pat

    My Allergist's PA said not to bother as these filters didn't work. I ignored her and decided to try them out on two vents. I am already on my second order as they work very well in my bedroom. When you replace them, you can see the big difference between the new and the used filter. They are effective. (Posted on 12/16/09)

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