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AllerTech® Dust Grabber Dusting Cloth

AllerTech® Dust Grabber Dusting Cloth


Dust Grabber Electrostatic Dusting Cloth by AllerTech® is a durable, high-tech fabric that has a permanent electrostatic surface charge, so dust is picked up without being stirred up. Especially beneficial for those who suffer from dust allergies!

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This product provides relief from: Dust Allergies

The Dust Grabber Electrostatic Dusting Cloth by AllerTech® has been one of our most popular products for over 15 years. Try it for yourself ‒ no other dry dust cloth performs like the amazing Magnetic Dust Grabber. The Dust Grabber's durable, high-tech fabric has a permanent electrostatic surface charge, so dust is picked up without being stirred up. Also great as a replacement for mops that use disposable cloths. Especially beneficial for those who suffer from dust allergies. Each pre-washed, pre-shrunk cloth measures 18" x 18".  Available in a economical 4-pack.


  • Electrostatically charged dust cloth grabs and holds dust
  • Very effective on glass, furniture, TVs, and other hard surfaces
  • Retains magnetic qualities, even with repeated washings
  • No tacky feel, and won't leave a dull film
  • Chemical free and odor free
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Washable and reusable

Directions for Use

  • Use on any surface. Especially effective on glass and furniture.

  • When it gets dirty, just toss the cloth into the washing machine.

  • To whiten, bleach may be added to the wash. Even after 100 washing's, the Magnetic Dust Grabber retains its dust-attracting magnetic properties.

  • Do NOT use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

Rated 4.50 out of 5 based on 13 reviews.

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November 28
Four stars because you cannot get the cloth wet. I believe that wet dust can't fly and I was quite skeptical about these cloths. I used one and was quite surprised at how much dust it picked up. Because it so big, I folded it over multiple times to get a lot of use out of it.
January 13
I used this dusting cloth today for the first time and I hope to always have them on hand. They do an excellent job holding onto the dust. It was very nice to to know I wasn't just spreading it around the room with the old duster I used. I would recommend these dusting clothes to anyone.
I have been very disappointed with this product. It has been a couple of years perhaps since I last purchased this product, and they are simply NOT the same as the ones I have bought for many years. They do not grab and pick up the dust as my other ones did. The fabric doesn't even feel the same. I bought 3 packages, and I am very disappointed with this product.
Good product. Makes for quick dusting. Picks up the dust instead of just stirring it up. I only bought one originally, but recently purchased a multi-pack.
I liked this product. It works well and washes nicely.
This is a truly an amazing product! The magnetic dust cloth truly picks up TONS more dust etc... than any other store-bought dust cloth. It works incredibly well! (I was also pleased that the package says it is made in the USA too!) For me personally, due to my various allergies, I normally wear a dust mask + goggles when I sweep and/or dust. However, when using the magnetic dust cloth, I forgo both and felt fine because virtually zero dust got airborne while using this cloth! My only regret is that I bought a single cloth to try, I wish I bought the 4-pack!
I love this product. It is great on glass and many other surfaces. Picks up all the dust. I would strongly recommend this product.
This works great without any additional sprays and for frequent quick dust-ups. I haven't washed it yet, but was happy to read the other reviewer say it washes well.
I just love these dust clothes!!!!!!!
I used this product previously and like it. However, I prefer to use the swifter dust clothes as it's convenient to throw them out.
These cloths are so versatile, not to mention washable many times, that I don't use any of the national brands which claim to get rid of all the dust, any more. Floors, walls, objects: you name it, they clean it better than ever before. You'll be astonished at the extra layers of dirt other products have left behind.
Great product. Worked as advertised. Grabs dust and keeps it from going airborne.
I am very satisfied with this product; the cloths pick up dust easily and I was happy with the price I paid. I haven't noticed a difference between the newer and the older cloths (I still have older cloths!) thank you for a great product.

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