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Animal Dander Avoidance
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Pet Allergy Relief Products

If you suffer from a pet allergy, relief can easily be found by removing the pet from the home. But for millions of pet owners who consider Fido or Felix part of the family, this isn't an option. For you, we have a variety of pet allergy relief products that can help you love your pet and breathe a little easier in the process. Air purifiers and filters, pet shampoo and detergents, and encasings can all help control the dander pets leave behind.

Some more helpful tips:

  • Keep the pet out of the bedroom
  • Bathe dogs or cats weekly
  • Run a true HEPA air cleaner in your bedroom and family room
  • Replace your furnace filter with one that captures allergens efficiently
  • Install hardwoods, tile or linoleum and use a HEPA filter vacuum on carpets

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