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Pollen Relief
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If you're allergic to mold, ragweed or pollen, relief is constantly on your mind–especially during peak allergy seasons. Sneezing, congestion, and itchy throat, eyes or ears can make life miserable. Controlling the pollen count in your environment with mattress encasings, air filters and other products is a good step toward relief. Pollen relief can also be enhanced through the following steps:

  • Close windows at night and use air conditioning with an allergen reducing filter to clean, cool and dry the air.
  • Limit activity between 5a.m. and 10a.m., which is when pollen counts are usually highest.
  • Keep your car windows closed.
  • Plan vacations to a more pollen-free area during the height of the season.
  • Stay inside when pollen counts are high or when wind blows pollen around.
  • If possible, delegate yard work. Freshly cut grass and raked leaves contain a high concentration of pollen and mold.

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