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Dust Mite Control
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Dust Mite Control

For the numerous people whose perennial allergy and asthma symptoms are triggered by dust mites, control measures like mattress encasings, HEPA vacuums and others are crucial for healthy living. This is especially true in the bedroom, where people spend most of their time. So what can be done to control dust mites?

  • Dust mites thrive in high humidity. Keep humidity below 50% by using a dehumidifier or central or window air conditioning.
  • Dust mites thrive in carpets. Replace wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwood or linoleum. Throw rugs should be washed regularly.
  • Wash bedding weekly in hot water (130°F) and dry in a hot drier. Encase mattresses, box springs and pillows for optimal dust mite control.
  • Keep house clean and free of mold–which sends out small spores that can trigger allergy symptoms.

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