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Bed Bug Patrol Gallon 128-oz Refill

Bed Bug Patrol Gallon 128-oz Refill

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Bed Bug Patrol Natural Bed Bug Killer is considered to be a kill-on-contact spray, which means bed bugs die generally within 30 minutes to 24 hours of contact! Bed Bug Control comes ready to use in a 128-oz (gallon) refill, just add to an empty spray bottle!

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Bed Bug Patrol™ - Gallon Refill Bottle is the easy-to-use, natural way to kill bed bug adults, larvae and eggs without the use of harsh chemicals or carcinogens. Bed Bug Patrol gives you a worry-free way to stop the nightmare of bed bug infestation, and once again get a good night's sleep, free of bites and anxiety. Bed Bug Patrol is considered to be a "kill-on-contact" spray, which means bed bugs die generally within 30 minutes to 24 hours of contact. Although deadly to bed bugs, this product is 100% natural, so is safe to use around children and pets, although as a precaution, it is advised to keep this product safely out of reach.

Bed Bug Control™ comes ready to use in a 128-oz (gallon) bottle. Just add to a spray bottle. Also available in a convenient 24-oz spray and a 3-oz travel size (both sold separately).


  • Natural Bed Bug killer made from 100% all-natural plant extracts
  • Contains no carcinogens, like permethrin and pyrethrin (found in many bed bug treatments)
  • Bed Bug Patrol is not EPA-registered because it contains only 100% EPA exempt ingredients.¹
  • Begins killing bed bugs on contact, generally continuing for 24-hours after contact
  • Ready-to-use formulation requires no mixing or rinsing
  • Stain-free formula will not stain or discolor bedding
  • Safe around pets, children, and the environment
  • Pleasant citrus aroma
  • Made in USA


¹ This product is exempt from registration with the Federal EPA under section 25(b) of FIFRA because it contains low-risk ingredients, and as such, is not registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. Nature's Innovations, Inc. represents that this product and its ingredients qualify for exemptions from registration under FIFRA 25(b).


  • Active:  Clove Oil, Peppermint Oil
  • Inactive:  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Oleic Acid, Citric Acid, Water


Click here to see the MSDS for Bed Bug Patrol™.

Test Results of Independent Lab Study:

Bed Bug Patrol™ has been evaluated in independent laboratory studies and proven to be effective at killing bed bugs. Click here to see the Test Results.


Generally, one 24-oz bottle is needed per room treated although the amount necessary may vary according to room size and degree of infestation. The gallon size is for treating larger rooms, or where infestation is widespread or multiple treatments are necessary.

Steps For Bed Bug Removal:

Please follow the directions provided on the product label. In general:

    1. Once you see bed bugs or a reddish brown stain trail, look very closely for hiding places such as behind electrical switch plates, behind wall posters, between books and magazines on shelves and in racks.

    2. Remove all bedding and wash in very hot water.

    3. Vacuum the mattress and other areas thoroughly and immediately discard the vacuum bag outside of the house.

    4. Spray Bed Bug Patrol onto any surfaces where bed bugs are suspected to be lurking ‐ the entire bed frame, underneath the bed, baseboards, etc.

    5. For further protection, encase your mattress, box spring, comforter and pillow in bed bug-proof encasings to guard against any eggs that might remain and hatch, allowing bed bugs to re-infest your bedroom. Encasings will also protect your mattress, box spring, comforters and pillows from re-infestation.


Please keep out of reach of children.

Due to Canadian Regulations, this product cannot be shipped to Canada.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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